Ultimate Rice System
101 Final Semester
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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101 Final Semester

The stream of light pierced pass the window and shined onto Xin Fan's face. Xin Fan grumbled as he slowly put his clothes on. He brushed his teeth and headed out to the dorm cafeteria to eat breakfast.

"Morning Xin Fan."

Chilong who was already eating breakfast had returned back to school a week earlier than Xin Fan anticipated. It appeared that he had his business at home all done. Xin Fan took the food tray and placed it on the spot next to him.


"The runt would be back today won't she?"


Just as they were talking about her, a familiar voice sounded behind.

"Who's a runt?"

Xin Fan turned around to see Tianfei with a new robe standing with a large tray in hand. It appeared that she had already returned. She seemed to be in a jolly mood as she occupied the seat next to Xin Fan. From her pocket, she took out to what appeared to be a small bag.

"Here! My mom told me to give this to you as a sign of appreciation. I don't know what is inside though. Xin Fan didn't think too much about the bag and simply threw it inside his inventory. He didn't mind too much about it as he had spare time later on. As of now, he had to quickly finish off the meal and get ready for the day. It was the first day back and as usual, he had to go to the courtyard for the principals address.

The principal stood at the podium awaiting for attention. Once again, the whole school stood in front him, in rows, as if part of a unified army. After a few coughs to clear his throat, he began his speech.

"Welcome back to the school. I hope you had a nice break. ehem...Today I stand here today to welcome you back for our final semester of the year. Many of us here today would no longer be here in the upcoming semester. To which I both congratulate you and wish you the best of luck for your upcoming ventures. Many of you may pursue a career inside the military like many before you, to join the fight against the demonic beasts. While others would be out there on their own, taking over the family business, exploring the world, doing whatever you like. I only wish that in your heart, this place would forever stay in your heart."

Xin Fan heard a round of applause coming from the crowd to the far right. They seemed to be the seniors who were going to leave.

"On other note, I wish to congratulate the students who have participated in the cross schools tournament. Each and every one of your efforts would not be forgotten. We may not have won, but we did our best. As for the fourth year students. We have received positive feedback from the military. You children seemed to have behaved yourself, so I can say good job on that."

The principal took a large, deep breath before looking at the first year students. For a moment there, Xin Fan thought that their eyes crossed but that seems to be part of his imagination.

"And finally...the first year students...what can I say...I am sorry for what had happened. I guess a day we can use the abyss to benefit humanity has not arrived I guess. Who could have predicted that the abyss would have overloaded. Well if there is any good out of it, at least we identified maybe one of our greatest talents in the years. Tong Hu, your performance was outstanding and we would not forget that."

By this point, Xin Fan sort of lost interest in what the principal was saying. Instead, he was more interested in Jun Fan who was looking at him while smiling. He seemed to be hinting at something.

"And so, I wish you all the best of luck for your final semester. Dismissed."

The students scattered off to their individual classes. As it was around the end of the year, the life in the school seemed to have died out quite considerably. Part of this may have been the students being tired since the last semester however this was something different altogether. There seemed to be a gloomy air that was ever so present. Xin Fan had noticed this effect with everyone. With an exception to certain people, teachers, merchants and even hawkers have felt a bit down. It was as if there was a spell of lethargy cast upon the whole city. As class ended, he was met with Jun Fan who was leaning against the gates. He was still smiling but Xin Fan could see something was up behind that happy exterior.

"Yo...you busy?"

"Not really..."

"That's great...follow me."

Xin Fan had done his club duties already and there wasn't much to do in the club room. Hence he accepted the proposal. Xin Fan followed Jun Fan who stopped by the entrance of a restaurant. It wasn't just any restaurant. It was 'Dragon and Tiger'. As they entered, they headed up to the top floor where there was less people.

"Why are we here?"

A man with a mustache entered the room. His eyes crossed with Xin Fan's for a second, pausing for only a second before moving on.

"Just a water would do for now.."

"Very well."

Han Zhong seemed to treat Jun Fan with a sense of respect. It was expected. After all, this is how all manifestation stage people were treated. Jun Fan manifested scales around his body with wings emerging from his back when Han Zhong left. Xin Fan took a step back. He had never seen Jun Fan to be in this form before. He exerted the same pressure his father would when he manifested his own form.

"I'll get directly to the point. What happened in the abyss."

Jun Fan's eyes seemed much more serious than before. Xin Fan felt like something was stuck in his throat. He was unsure of what to do next.

"I know,I know. This may be out of nowhere. But I need some answers...we need some answers...This is a very serious matter. This is a matter of state or even national safety. If my guess is correct...This is bad."

Jun Fan appeared behind Xin Fan and tapped him on the shoulder. Xin Fan knew he was not going anywhere if he didn't say something.

"I'm sorry...This is not a matter of my choice...What you say here would only be heard by me and the higher ups. No one would know our conversation here.

"I...fine....I'll let it spill...don't be surprised at what I say next."

Xin Fan gave up. He walked up to a chair and pulled it out. Jun Fan lightly glided to the chair on the opposite side and sat down releasing his dragon form. He clasped his hands together loosely and rested it on the table. He was here for one thing; to confirm his suspicions.

"Firstly I will start by asking one thing...What do you and what don't you know?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》