Ultimate Rice System
103 Familiar Feeling
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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103 Familiar Feeling

Xin Fan entered the dorm without anyone noticing. With his expertise, he could easily enter through the window without anyone noticing however as of now, the doors were not locked. As Xin Fan headed to his room, he found it surprising that his room was well lit. There seemed to be some formation plate that provided light and was much more efficient than candles.

'Ah...this was what Jun Fan was talking about back then.'

Xin Fan stepped into his room to see Chilong and Tianfei playing an intense game of chess (Chinese). Contrary to what you would expect, Tianfei was losing the match. Chilong on the other side was sneering as he moved his final piece to claim the king.



Tianfei's face was red in frustration. She didn't know how or why she lost. She was considered a good player relative to the people around her. She was the type of person who would study strategies for hours to get an edge on the other player. Xin Fan crouched down by the board resting the field.

"Don't bully her Chitian."

"Kuk...so you knew?"

"Wait...I thought I was playing against Chilong."

Xin Fan didn't say anything except nod. It wasn't unusual that he could tell the difference. After making the contract, he could feel the differences in their soul. There was that and the fact that his soul was exuding an aura that was distinct to refinement stage cultivators.

"Tianfei...Is it okay for you to be here?"

Tianfei shrugged flashing on to Xin Fan's bed with ease.

"I should be able to get back unnoticed...besides...does it really matter at this point?"

Xin Fan took her spot and moved the cannon to the center of the board. Chitian in retaliation moved his horse forwards to stop the cannon from advancing. While he was playing, Xin Fan felt that his mind was not with him in the game.

"So why were you out?"

Xin Fan moved his chariot to the side to block the other chariot from advancing.

"Oh...Just Jun Fan, treated me to a meal."

"Oh? Is that so."

Chitian moved his chariot forwards sacrificing it to allow his cannon to slip pass. He was in a position to check Xin Fan's general.

"Yeah...he was asking about what happened on 'that' day."

Xin Fan moved his elephant forwards cutting off the cannon's attack path. The elephant was taken by Chitian's chariot.

"Did you know he broken through to the manifestation stage?"

"Did he?"

Xin Fan moved his soldier forwards past the river. Chitian's horse took the soldier allowing Xin Fan's cannon to pass through and checking.

"Yeah...and also apparently we pretty much released a new enemy for the human race...not that it spells the end completely but as I quote him, 'Humanity is in for a bad time'."

Xin Fan moved his horse forwards letting it get taken by the other horse one more. Xin Fan's chariot passed the river to a spot to cut the horse's movement of retreat. Chitian moved his cannon forwards setting it behind the other cannon.

"Hmm...what is the right thing to do...?"

Chitian moved his carriage to completely cut off the general's movement. Xin Fan moved his minister to block only for it to be taken by a horse.

"Only you know the answer to that...Checkmate."

Xin Fan's general was taken and Xin Fan lost the match. Despite losing, he didn't feel much about it. They didn't do much after that. Tianfei returned to her room to sleep only to meet up again within Xin Fan's domain as they usually do.



Xin Fan opened the inventory to check out the gift from Tianfei's family. As Xin Fan tapped on it, he was pleasantly surprised with what he saw. A few system messages sounded through his head.

[ User has obtained 'High Spiritual Rice I'(seed) ]

[ User is now able to purchase it in the shop ]

It was as the name suggested. A rice that is high in spiritual energy. It was something that he had decided to look for after graduation due to the presence in many of the recipe he had especially the higher grade ones. However there was a difference to what he normally would grow. It was a seed not a seedling. He had to cultivate it to a seedling before moving into bigger things.

"Tianfei...next time you meet your mother. Tell her that I give my greatest appreciation."


Tianfei was sitting down reading a book. She stared at the bag in Xin Fan's hands.

"What were they?"

"Rice seeds."

Tianfei's eyes shined for a moment before she composed herself. Xin Fan from that already knew what she was thinking. Her eyes locked wit his as if sending a message.

"Fine fine...I will cook you something with it when we get to it."

Tianfei sighed in relief. It appeared a large pressure was lifted off her shoulders.

"Speaking of which...didn't you promise me to teach me new techniques when you get new ones? Xin Fan...teach me 'Farmer knows no distance'."

Tianfei stood up stretching while doing consecutive flash steps to the side to warm up. She placed the book under the tree and flashed upwards and then back down to the ground.

"I'm ready."

"Okay...but first, help me plant these seeds."

Xin Fan took out a hoe from his inventory and struck the ground next to the rice fields and started to dig.


"Should we activate it now?"

"Just do it. Set it on 40% for now."

Jun Fan switched the dial inside the command room. From the barrier that was in the sky, a slight opening was created reducing the separation between the outside and the city.

"Let's just hope that they survive tomorrow..."


Xin Fan woke up with his body feeling slightly heavier than usual. It wasn't like his physical weight has changed or anything. It was more to do with their environment. This sensation was very familiar to Xin Fan. Xin Fan looked around to see Chilong relaxing on the window without much change.

"Feeling familiar?"

Xin Fan nodded. Chilong pointed at the sky to see the barrier in the sky being slightly different.

"The school is being gutsy...reducing the barrier increase the qi concentration of the air. Is this their method of training us?"

Chilong sneered as he picked up his bag heading down to the dining area. Xin Fan changed quickly and also left to eat breakfast.F

"Xin Fan! The qi concentration of the air!"

"Yes...Yes I know."

Tianfei as one of the people who were hit by the initial blast was very apprehensive about an increased qi concentration. Xin Fan finished his breakfast and headed to class. The class was full as always. Tianfei tapped her feet while waiting for the teacher.

"She is late."

"You're just impatient."

Even though he said that, she was right. Wang Mei was uncharacteristically late to class. Xin Fan had a sense of foreboding to what was to happen next.

'Let's just see what's going on.'
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    《Ultimate Rice System》