Ultimate Rice System
104 Decimation of Wang Mei
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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104 Decimation of Wang Mei

The doors opened. Wang Mei walked into the room with a different outfit than usual. It was an aqua robe with silver trimmings matching the color scheme of the school logo. There was a fire that seemed to be lit in her eyes. Xin Fan knew what those eyes meant. It meant something was about to go down.

"Morning children...heh...As you can probably tell, the qi concentration has increased. Let me tell you know...This is not even 50% of what it is like out there."

Wang Mei seemed extremely enthusiastic today. There was none of that usual lethargy she had when teaching the class.

"Yeah...due to certain...information...The school decided to change the course. Most of your supplementary courses would be shifted to combat based courses. The military is going to be in a great need for hands soon."

Wang Mei's eyes crossed Xin Fan's for a moment before moving on with her speech.

"In other words...most of your theory would become practical."

A hand shot up from the center of the class. It was a girl whose name Xin Fan did not remember.

"What about our formation courses."

Wang Mei looked at her for a moment before continuing onward.

"That is not to say you can't learn it. The library is still open and you can self study. Any questions, ask a teacher. It's not like we are canceling you club activities or anything. Long story short, practically the only theory you would do is combat theory. Is there any questions."

There was silence in the class. Xin Fan slowly held up his hands.


"What has that have to do anything with the hole in the barrier?"

"Ah yes...well, it's just here to act as pressure. If you want to survive out there, get used to it. It's not all that bad either. There is a higher chance you would breakthrough. Are there any questions. No? Let's head to the courtyard."

The class followed the the teacher the the large empty courtyard. Xin Fan could see scorch marks on the ground from previous training drills. Wang Mei stood in front of the class and wagged her finger arrogantly.

"I love it when training goes my way...I will suppress my cultivation to the Condensation Realm. 1 vs 50. If anyone can get a clean hit, the class will be dismissed early."

Xin Fan stared as he felt the aura being suppressed by the teacher. He nor his classmates were foolish enough to believe that this is an easy way out of class. Even if she suppressed her power, she never specified what stage. For all he knew, she could have suppressed it to Condensation Realm, Ninth Stage. Furthermore, as metal weapons were not allowed at school, it was really down to real ability.

Xin Fan stayed at the back and allowed the others to attack first. Of course, nobody was stupid enough to be the first one to attack. Wang Mei clicked her tongue in annoyance.


Wang Mei dashed forwards sending a normal punch forwards. Xin Fan stepped to the side to see air being shot forwards like a shock wave. This was no technique. This was raw power. The students weren't going to take this lying down and hence the first wave of students attacked. 5 girls surrounded Wang Mei sealing her movement as the others jumped in from behind and unleashed their attacks. Wang Mei simply took a sidestep slipping through the defense as if it wasn't even there to begin with. Wang Mei chopped at the neck of the student she passed by and knocked her out. Blasts of energy shot everywhere and rather than hitting the teacher, the attacks hit each other and resulted in what is best described as friendly fire. Wang Mei turned around and dashed back in and knocked a few more students out. Remember that the average cultivation stage that the class was at was around 2-3 stages of condensation realm. Even the best of the bunch barely made it to 4th stage. It wasn't long before a majority of the class was left on the ground either unconscious or too scared to move.

"Is this all you have got?!"

Suddenly, a shadow appeared behind her and sent out a strong fist. Wang Mei blocked the fist and gave a low sweeping kick. The shadow jumped up sending a kick to which she deflected. Before she could get a clean blow, the shadow skid to the back. That shadow was Chilong. Chilong sneered as he slowly got back to his feet.

"Heh...not bad."

In a way, both Chilong and Wang Mei were similar. They were thirsty for battle. Watching Chilong join the fray, Xin Fan decided that it was time he took action. A blade of energy manifested along his right arm. Tianfei clasped her right hand with her left pointing at Wang Mei with her index finger. Fire started to build up at the tip. At the start, she couldn't do anything in fear she would accidentally hit the wrong target. Now, with much less people, she could battle freely. It was for the same reasoning, Xin Fan and Chilong stayed behind.

"Oho? The strongest three have started to move."

Xin Fan flashed behind Wang Mei with his right arm and slashed down. Before he could land a hit, a fist appeared at his stomach. A bolt of fire shot before the fist hit causing the fist to retract and Xin Fan to retreat. Wang Mei ducked to avoid Chilong's blow and kneed him in the stomach. Chilong expecting this already had his hands at his stomach however did not expect another punch to his chest. Xin Fan waved his arms sending out a blade of energy to Wang Mei's way. Wang Mei extended out her fingers drawing a line in the air sending a wave back blocking the blade. She spun around and shot a ball of fire to Tianfei. Tianfei flashed to the side only to see Wang Mei flash to her and landing a clean hit to her stomach.

"Too bad."

At the same time, she shot balls of flame to the remaining students who weren't really participating in the battle knocking them down to the ground. Xin Fan dodging the ball of fire retracted his blades drawing lines on the ground with his fingers. He dashed forwards sending a punch to which Wang Mei dodged. Xin Fan fell back naturally and slammed the floor. As he did, a shock wave shot up from beneath Wang Mei's feet sending her up 2 meters. Multiple blades of energy shot up from the ground all directed at her.

"Good try."

In the air, Wang Mei clapped her hands and pushed forwards with her palm. A burst of air shot down scattering each blade of energy. Xin Fan felt the strong air push against him on the ground. He knew he had lost and gave in. Wang Mei gently landed on the ground and looked at the courtyard. There was not a single student that could stand up. She stared blankly at the field as if she just realized something. Her face turned pale upon realization that the class could not continue.

"Oh...crap...the principal is going to kill me...I should have held back...c...class dismissed."

Xin Fan struggled to get back up. His whole body felt sore for some reason. If this was under normal conditions, this would have been not a problem. But it's not.

"I...Is this really that much different?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》