Ultimate Rice System
105 Disturbance
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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105 Disturbance

Xin Fan felt his body getting carried over to the infirmary. There he laid on the bed unsure of what to do. He didn't have enough energy to move and could not do anything. Yang Bing walked over to Xin Fan who was lying there and looked down upon him.

"You again..."

Xin Fan looked away to see more and more people getting carried in. The injuries were minor however the sheer amount of people entering was staggering. The more serious of injuries was not caused by Wang Mei but rather by each other as they misfire.

"It's not our fault..."

While it took Xin Fan only an hour to recover and regain energy to move again, the same couldn't be said for the rest. It was only until nighttime when all the students were able to leave.


In the principal's room, Wang Mei was apologizing with her head down. She seemed quite scared at what was to come next.

"Please don't sack me!"

"Little mei..."

"C...come on...I didn't injure them that badly."

"That is besides the point. You pretty much took away a whole day's of progress in a single morning."

"I...I'll make up to them...cut my salary! I don't care!"

"Fine, whatever...this is just a warning. Don't let the new protocol get in you head."

"G...Got it."

Principal looked to Jun Fan who was lazing around aimlessly at the staff room and shot a small ball of water to his head.

"Jun Fan! At least be like Wang Mei here and be bothered to do your job. You see...I forgive her because she knows her wrongs. You on the other hand...just do your job."

Jun Fan took the stack of papers on the desk and sifted through them until he found a certain one and picked it out. He stamped it and passed it onto the principal.

"Here I choose this for the fourth grade final assessment."

The principal read the paper and and took his own stamp and gave it his approval and passed it on back to Jun Fan. Jun Fan stood up and headed to search for the other fourth year teachers to discuss the method of which their assessment plan was going to play out.

"Ah! The first Year assessment!"

Principal Yao turned his focus back to Wang Mei. She was frantically sifting through the papers looking for Ideas.

"Did you not decide on? You are the first grade's head teacher. This should have been done last week."

"Sorry...I forgot....whatever I choose this...I don't care anymore."

Wang Mei randomly picked a paper from the pile. The length of the document seemed around the standard size so she assumed that it would pretty normal. She quickly stamped it and passed it on to the principal. The principal stared at it for a moment and frowned.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Very!"

"Okay then..."

The principal stamped it and handed it back to her. Wang Mei was dismissed and she left the office feeling much empty than she entered. Despite this, she felt a large burden seemed to be lifted. Standing outside the office was a young man waiting for her. She passed the paper to him while stretching.

"Lu Xi put that on my desk when we get back."

"Big sis...I assumed that it went well?"

"Went well my ass...I screwed up badly...thank god the old man is lenient."

Wang Mei left to relax going to the city. Lu Xi held onto her papers unsure of what to do. He looked at the approved documents and frowned.

"A battle royale type assessment? These days I don't know what the higher ups are thinking."

Lu Xi dismissed this as some sort of well planned decision by the higher powers within the school. He headed to Wang Mei's room and placed the paper on her desk. He found random pieces of clothing lying around everywhere.

"Reeks of alcohol...as always."

Her room was in no way clean. Contrary, it could be said that it was incredible disordered. Lu Xi picked up a dress lying around and folded it up placing it back into her wardrobe. He cleared up the trash that was lying along the ground and promptly left. As he exited the door, he looked back one last time before heading tot he dorm to do his duties.


"hic...another cup. I want to drown my worries."

Wang Mei was drinking heavily at an outdoor bar. She already had downed 2 bottles of rice wine and seemed perfectly capable of downing another. Next to her sat an old man who even more drunk than she was. He himself had downed 7 bottles of alcohol in a single sitting.

"What's wrong lil Mei...hic..."

"Uncle Jin!...Everything never goes well...hic...Everytime I plan something...everything just goes to shit...The assessment program was my Idea...that sure didn't go well...I screwed up badly today and forgot to hold back on those 5 year olds..."

Wang Mei's face was flushed as she downed another cup. Uncle Jin leaned against the counter listening intently.

"It can't be...hic...that bad...Then again...I'm getting out of my slump...I made two useless materials put to use..."

"Ah...why can't I be younger...I could be like those other girls...Age is no longer on my side...Then maybe..hic...I could get a boyfriend...hic..uguu.."

At this point, tears started to leak as she got progressively drunk. Wang Mei was the type who would cry when drunk. Uncle Jin patted her back in worry.

"There there..girl..at least you are not hitting your 50s...like me... You should get home...you had too many drinks..."

"But you had more..."

"At my age..hic...this much is nothing..."


Wang Mei stood up slightly intoxicated. She wandered through the streets alone. Uncle Jin let out a a vaporous breath to the moonlight as he drunk another cup watching her stumble.

"Wine is the best release after all...hic.."

Wang Mei stumbled across the the streets. A small shadow emerged from the alleyway. It had a set of razor sharp teeth and growled. It was some sort of canine however it was missing half it's head and had patches of fur missing.


Wang Mei slightly glanced at the dog which was looking very aggressively at her. She wagged her fingers at it tauntingly.

"What you looking at...hic...You come to spite me too?"

The dog leaped at her with it's jaws wide. Wang Mei grabbed the head of the creature by the head and gripped on it hard. A phantom image of talons appeared in the air over her hands as she clutched the head of the beast harder. The beast ignited to black flames not even leaving a trace of blood.

"Ah...It's gone...hic...It must've ran away...Wuu."

She started to cry once again as she made her way back home. She didn't even noticed the nice state of her room when she entered. When she woke up the next day, as all wild nights are, she didn't remember anything that happened.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》