Ultimate Rice System
106 Announcement of the Battle Royale
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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106 Announcement of the Battle Royale

Wang Mei woke up early in the morning with a bad headache. She stumbled over to her desk and looked at the paper on the table. She then took a small look at the clock that sat on her bedside table.

"Ah...what happened...crap...I'm late."

Wang Mei quickly changed into a new set of clothes, grabbed the paper and ran off. There was a plate of steamed buns on the table and she grabbed it, shoving it into her mouth while rushing to class. Lu Xi entered her room taking away the plates and cleaning it in the kitchen.

"Hah...she should take care of herself better."


Xin Fan sat in class waiting for the teacher. Once again, Wang Mei was late. Xin Fan frowned with a sense of deja vu. Wang Mei stumbled into the room in a slightly disordered state. There were traces of food around her lip and there was still a bit of bed hair sticking out. She slammed the paper on the desk.

"Hah...I'm not late am I?"

"By 5 minutes."

"It's only 5 minutes."

"Only! Ahem...sorry for being late."

Wang Mei dusted the creases off her clothes and got composed herself. She clearly did not have a good start to the morning. She re adjusted her glasses and picked up the paper she slammed on the desk. She seemed quite out of breath.

"Okay...so...I may or may not have forgotten...we have a an assessment...Here...on this paper...I just got it approved yesterday."

Wang Mei read the paper on the page and she froze for a moment. Xin Fan looking at her expression, already had a bad feeling about this. From where he was at, he could distinctively see her shaking slightly.

'Is she okay?'

"A...Ahem...the assessment is going to be a battle royale."

It was clear from her body features that she was nervous.

'Why of all things is it this? What are the chances it was this. I can see this going wrong in so many ways. AH! Why! Why didn't I just choose the one that was simple.'

If there was a pill for regret, she would have taken this long ago. She couldn't just go and change it now with it approved and all. Chances were that Principal Yao was making preparations for it as of the moment and it would be unbecoming to change now. Since the decision was already made, she decided to grit her teeth and bite the bullet.

"Umm...lets see...mhmm...okay...we have access to the back forest which has been banned...We would randomly teleport all 150 students there. Last one standing wins I guess. Its kinda like the training program except the beasts are now each other."

Wang Mei paraphrased the entire document into a couple of lines and explained the assessment. Weapons were permitted and there was no teaming up. There was really no restrictions that they could do. For food, they could bring as much as they desired...that is if they could carry it all. The class was divided with the assessment. Half of the class including Chilong were excited and pumped looking forward to it. After all, anything beat a written exam. The other half were quite torn on it. This was probably due to low confidence and overall dislike of the idea. Xin Fan frowned. To be honest, he had the largest advantage over every person in the class. If he wanted to, he could just stock up all his preparations within his domain and win through attrition.

'Of course...I won't do that.'

'Hehe...we better meet up during the battle royale...otherwise I would be very disappointed.'

Chilong smiled while telepathically taunting Xin Fan. From just sitting next to him, he could feel Chilong being fired up. Tianfei on the other hand was quite composed. Surprisingly for the peaceful person she was, Xin Fan could feel the fighting spirit emanating out of her. Unlike her previous self, he could feel a confidence coming from her. Xin Fan smiled. As long as nothing went wrong, he didn't have much of a problem with the assessment. It was just a feeling that this assessment would not go horribly wrong.

As Wang Mei finished her part, she observed the class making sure she didn't slip up.

"Settle down...Settle down...I know you are excited. But we still have class."

Class resumed as normal with a practical. Today it was just simple training. Practice with military combat techniques and the sort.

The day ended without any trouble leaving Wang Mei with a sense of relief. Wang Mei left the class after dismissing the children and headed to the headmaster's office. Along the way, she was joined with Jun Fan who happened to be chatting with Lu Xi.

'Were they always this close?'

"Ah...what a bother..."

"Big Sis is there a problem?"

Jun Fan chuckled a bit looking at her feeling down. He was the type of person who would get amused over these minor things.

"This idiot randomly picked the assessment...kuku...and it happened to be the most annoying one to manage."

Lu Xi stared at her with a frozen expression. He was just about to feel bad for her getting stuck with the battle royale assessment. Turns out she brought this upon herself.

"Wait...that wasn't the choice of the principal?"

"Shut it...I am not in the mood."

The group headed to the principal's office. Wang Mei entered the room followed closely by Jun Fan and Lu Xi. There seemed to be many staff members already present in the room. As soon as they entered, the meeting was able to proceed. Although it all seemed to be a blur, the main contents of the meeting was discussing the assessment. Wang Mei felt a few judgmental looks on her when she spoke out about what the first years are doing. Of course, this was only part of her imagination and there was no comment on her choices. Everything else seemed like a blur as her mine was too preoccupied with the problems that could arise. As they left, she was still in a dazed state.

"Sister Wang...Sister Wang!"

Lu Xi looked at her in worry. He may have been one of the few who noticed something different about her throughout the meeting.

"Huh...oh it's you...what's wrong?"

"What do you mean what's wrong...what's wrong with you?"

"Oh it's nothing..."

Wang Mei's complexion was considerably paler than before.

"You seem out."

"It's nothing really..."

"Are you sure? If you say so... Just remember you are a capable person. You don't need to worry about such trivial things. If you need anyone to talk to..just remember you're little bro Lu Xi has your back."

Lu Xi gave a warm smile. Wang Mei grinned feeling slightly cheered up. She placed her hands on Lu Xi's head and violently shook it.

"When has the little Lu Xi gotten so smooth at talking?...been seeing girls behind big sister's back? Hahaha...let big sister treat you to a drink."

Wang Mei took hold of Lu Xi and dragged him to her favorite bar. Of course, it was inevitable that it was up to Lu Xi to drag her back home. This time, Wang Mei slept with a smirk on her face looking forward to the next day.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》