Ultimate Rice System
108 Let the Battle Royale Begin
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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108 Let the Battle Royale Begin

Xin Fan landed in a random spot within the woods. The first thing he did was to quickly escape the clearing and and hide in a secure location to assess the situation. Climbing a high tree, he was able to see through a majority of the forest and know his own location. Xin Fan looked out into the distance to sense for Chilong and Tianfei. Simply from using the contract, he was able to feel out their approximate location. What were the chances that they were separated on the opposite sides of the forest? Xin Fan closed his eyes entering a clear state. His eyes scanned the area for nearby people. In his line of sight, he spotted a student wondering around aimlessly. It was the type of student to be first eliminated in these sort of events. Xin Fan flashed behind him and sent a blade of energy to his back. Before the student even realized it, he was eliminated. A barrier appeared around him before the energy blade hit and he was transported to the teleportation array in the courtyard. The boy looked around in confusion unsure of why he was there.

"Eh?! Why am I here?"

Wang Mei looked at the pitiful student who was the first to eliminate.

"You've been eliminated."

Within a couple of seconds, around 5 more lights appeared in the courtyard due to early eliminations.


Hei Chilong landed heavily on the ground as he appeared in the forest. He had been teleported onto the edge of a branch and the first thing he felt was a sudden drop. He dusted off the dirt on his clothes to see a boy holding a wooden knife in his hands charging towards him. He kicked up dust and spun around parrying with his axe. He dashed forwards, kicking the boy in the stomach. Out of nowhere, a wooden arrow shot from the bushes. Chilong grabbed the boy by the neck and and pulled the boy to block the arrow. The boy disappeared into a flash of light and was teleported away.

"What a way to start."

Chilong stared at where the arrow came from and jumped in. Out jumped a girl slightly older than he was and shot a arrow of light. Her long black hair whipped through the air as she took quick steps of retreat. She was surprisingly composed and did not show any changes in expression as Chilong suddenly appeared besides her. Chilong could tell she was a mid tier cultivator and was no easy prey. She kicked dirt to the side and created a small diversion to evade the incoming axe.

"Hmm? You're not bad!"

The girl smirked as she shot another arrow. The arrow split striking Chilong at three different angles. Chilong managed to deflect two and caught the last with his hands.

"You are as strong as I expected, Hei Chilong."

"Who are you arrow girl?"

The girl smiled drawing her bow once more. The arrow lit into flames as she responded.

"He Yuema"


Tianfei landed in a clearing. She hurried over to get cover only to find out there was nobody there. This gave her plenty of time to start setting down formations. She could feel that Xin Fan was far away. There was really no point going after him. They agreed to not hold back against each other which means as of now, they are foe. Tianfei took out the materials she had in her bag. She had made plenty preparations and took out a formation plate. She chewed on a piece of dried jerkey as she started to lay ground works on her grand formations. A formation master left alone was one of the worst mistakes one could make. This is due to the myriad combinations of things that could happen. If a formation master was good enough, he/she could construct formations far more powerful than they are. Tianfei's eyes glistened as bit by bit part of the forest started to distort and strange things started to occur.

"I wonder who would be first to wonder in here?"


A red haired boy landed safely on a tree. He had leather gloves on and seemed quite timid. He didn't seem to be the type that would actively seek trouble. This boy was of course, Tong Hu. Tong Hu stared down at the trees in the forest relaxing with the wind. However this peace did not last for long as he felt a large shaking on the tree he was on. Looking down, he saw two people fighting and one eliminating the other.

"Be eliminated."

The girl lifted her wooden sword and struck at the throat of the other. The boy disappeared into a flash of white light and her sword hit the trunk of the tree violently shaking it. This girl was Xiao Yu. Tong Hu had no choice to drop down to the ground to face the girl.

"T...Tong Hu..."

The girl's eyes sharpened seeing the person who descended from the tree. Of all people to face, this was the one person who she did not want to meet, at least this early on in the battle royale. Tong Hu himself didn't feel that comfortable either.

"h..ello...lets...this over...with."

Tong Hu was very quiet and had no confidence talking to her. There were only a couple people who he had actually opened up to. Xiao Yu was not one of them. Tong Hu lifted up his fist and faced the girl. He quickly dashed forwards giving a light tap on her sword. Xiao Yu felt a tremendous force traveling down her arms as she felt her arms becoming stunned. She stabbed forwards only to see her wooden sword to be caught by Tong Hu. Tong Hu pulled her sword to the side and planted a light punch to her chest. A shield appeared over her body as she was sent to the courtyard. It hadn't even been an hour and one of the stronger students were eliminated. This only marked the beginning of what will be known as Tong Hu's trail of elimination.


Wang Mei looked at the prying formation. She had to keep tabs on every person within the forest in order to make sure the plan is going as planned. Although the safety features were automatic, she was paranoid and didn't trust it. A flash appeared in the courtyard and she was met with a student she did not expect to see early.

'Xiao Yu?! How is she eliminated already? Did something malfunction?'

Wang Mei was alarmed at the sudden appearance of the girl. Although she was not a top talent, she was definitely within the top quartile seeing her family background. Whoever eliminated her must have been powerful.

Wang Mei stared at the replay of the elimination. After seeing it, she let out a sigh of relief. She looked at Xiao Yu with a bit of pity. It was her bad luck to be matched with Tong Hu from the start. Although nothing went wrong, things were bound to happen. The clouds have gathered and blanketed the whole forest. Raindrops started to fall to the ground changing the terrain ever so slightly. To some, this may be favorable and to others, may spell elimination.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》