Ultimate Rice System
109 Going for a walk
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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109 Going for a walk

Xin Fan traversed through the forest in search of people to fight. Amongst the people he had encountered, the strongest of the bunch are the ones who were at the 3rd stage Condensation Realm. He was quite efficient at dispatching them with many being gone within a minute. In the large clearing ahead, he could see many students slowly gathering. Xin Fan's eyes shook as he heard whispering in the distance. He quickly hid behind the tree to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"We weaker student really have no chance against the ones that have broken through."

A tall girl aged 7 rounded up the students who slowly emerged from the bushes. The crowd slowly grew at an increasing size. First it was just 4 students however by the end, the girl amassed a force of 13 students in total. She had the smuggest smirk on her face as more and more people joined in.

"We must band together and fight against the strong. With our numbers, we are unstoppable!"

Xin Fan didn't know why but he simply found the girl annoying. It may be because of the scheming vibe he sensed from her and he just disliked her. She had the arrogance of one who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and looked down upon the rest.

"We will stomp them out and crush them beneath our feet."

The students around her cheered onward as she chuckled silently. She had a menacing glare that stemmed from years of oppressing others. However, what surprised Xin Fan the most was the fact that Hu Li and his group was with her. Xin Fan sensed that Hu Li was a fourth stage cultivator, however, he seemed very subservient of her. Not only that, his lackeys seemed to follow her orders too.

"Hey...what if someone rebels?"

"Well....they would have to face a dozen people at once."


Xin Fan saw Hu Li click his tongue in annoyance. From this he gained a basic understanding of what was going on. Hu Li seemed to be coerced into the group when it became large and was forced to stay lest he was eliminated. The girl strutted through the forest rallying in more and more people. There was only two choices, join or scram. The girl held a leather whip in her hand and cracked it from time to time to see if there was anyone still hiding. The whip was braided in an intricate pattern and by simple appearance, it looked expensive.

"He Lanlan...don't we have enough people?"

Xin Fan's eyes widened once again. Of all people, to be part of the group, he didn't expect to see Man Qiu. Man Qiu had a kind smile on her face as she handed a wet towel to the girl. The girl took the towel, wiped with it and threw it back to Man Qiu without a single bit of appreciation.

"Man Qiu...are you the boss or am I?"

The girl moved her face closer to Man Qiu's until they were almost touching and looked down upon her. Man Qiu's eyes were steady and didn't even blink. She closed her eyes and tilted her head.

"Of courses you are..."

The girl lifted her hands and pushed Man Qiu to the ground and looked down on her.

"That's what I thought...Don't think you are something just because you are a really nice girl."

Man Qiu dusted off her clothing and continued to smile as if nothing had happened. A few of the students looked as if they wanted to help her but none dared to help Man Qiu up. None of them wanted to incur the wrath of He Lanlan. The group slowly grew to the around 17 students.


As He Lanlan was playing around with her whip, one of the strikes accidentally hit another causing them to fall down. The girl frowned looking at the small boy who fell. He was one of the few who were still in the initial stages of cultivation and was weak even by the group's standards. Had it been anybody else, they would have held their ground and taken the blow without any problems. She had almost tripped on her feet when the boy fell and was very annoyed.

"Who told you to fall down!"

'This girl is unreasonable.'

Xin Fan thought this but continued to watch on. Man Qiu hurried over to the boy and held him up. Despite it being soft, Xin Fan swore he could hear small whispers in the group saying 'Big sis Man Qiu'. Man Qiu dusted the dirt off the scrawny boy and helped him up.

"Are you okay? It's not your fault."

The boy looked at Man Qiu with a look of gratitude. The girl on the other hand had the look of disgust.

"Man Qiu...what do you mean 'not his fault...I...If he hadn't been standing there, nothing would have happened."

"It you weren't playing around with your whip so much, nothing would have happened."

"Yeah! Big sis Man Qiu is right!"

A few voices shouted out from the crowd and supported Man Qiu. It seemed that like Xin Fan, she had made quite a name of herself though the year at school. He Lanlan cracked he whip on the ground and shouted.

"Oh? Who was that? Or do you wish to meet my father...one word and you're family...I...don't know what will happen but it will be ba...bad!"

He Lanlan bit her tongue only making her face more red than it already was. This in her eyes was humiliation. Never before had she seen people defy her openly. The voices in the crowd restrained themselves as the girl cracked her whip. She looked at Man Qiu with a look of fury. If there was anyone to release her anger and embarrassment on, it would be her.

"Man Qiu...you think you are so great...being nice to everyone...y...you...we...we don't need you...I will talk to my father about you...S...see how you can keep smiling then."

He Lan lan pushed Man Qiu down to the dirt completely out of the blue. She lifted up her arm. Just as she was about to strike down to slap Man Qiu, she felt a strong grip preventing her from hitting Man Qiu.

"I doubt any noble would provoke someone under the protection of an ex-general."

He Lanlan turned to to see the person who stopped her.

"Who dares to...eh! Xi...Xi.Xin Fan?"

He Lanlan's face flushed pink for no apparent reason until Xin Fan let go and flashed besides Man Qiu helping her back up.

"Are you okay Man Qiu?"

"So you were watching Xin Fan...Great timing by the way."

Man Qiu patted Xin Fan gently on the head. He Lanlan froze up on the spot at the unexpected visitor. She did not even notice his presence until that very moment. However, before she was able to say something, another voice took over.

"Xin Fan!"

Xin Fan felt a figure flash besides him and attempt to kick him. Xin Fan moved to the side and simply grabbed at the foot.

"So you asking for another fight, Hu Li?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》