Ultimate Rice System
110 King of the Hill...again
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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110 King of the Hill...again

Xin Fan looked at the boy who was looking at him with aggression Hu Li was one of the people he had fought a long time ago and was one that he didn't think would fight again. Last time they fought, Xin Fan had a hard time due to limited mobility. However, a year of experience can change many things.

"Hey boss...Xin Fan is considered one of the people we are meant to stand up against, right?"

He Lanlan was silent and only nodded unsure of what to do. Hu Li grinned and looked at the whole group raising his arms.

"We said we will fight against the strong. We shall prove it now!"

The crowd roared in agreement. Group mentality was both a dangerous and powerful thing. Without control over it, many things can go out of hand and be disastrous. Many of the students charged forwards with their weapons up high to take down Xin Fan. While Hu Li may be hated by many, he was powerful enough to gain the support of many others. 10 or so students ran up striking Xin Fan with everything they had. Xin Fan sighed and looked at the crowd running his way. While he was not Wang Mei, the simple disorder was enough to scatter them. Xin Fan raised his finger and drew a few lines against a tree he was leaning against. He then used his finger to slash outwards. A blade of energy burst from his fingers slicing through 3 or so students. The students flashed away into a white light.

"3 down."

Xin Fan saw a spiked shoe appear infront of his stomach. Xin Fan spun to the side forcing the shoe to land straight on the tree. The tree blew apart into splinters. Xin Fan lifted his arms and punched Hu Li in the stomach before he could flash away. Xin Fan bit his lip as he felt a stab from a wooden sword hit his sides. A blade of energy emerged from his wrist as he sliced through splitting the blade of wood and causing another to disappear. Xin Fan slammed the ground sending shock waves outwards. Xin Fan flashed behind another and sliced through him in a single go. While this was going on, 5 or so people including He Lanlan was simply standing there watching. Nobody could tell what was going through their mind at that moment. Xin Fan saw the familiar figures headed his way with their daggers high.

"Xin Fan...I will have my revenge."

Xin Fan looked at these familiar figures and gave a strong kick. He shot bolts of flames from his fingertips to halt their movements. In that single moment, he saw Hu Li flash behind him with a dagger in hand. Xin Fan materialized a shield of ice behind him and slammed backwards. Xin Fan flashed behind Hu Li and gave a strong kick. Xin Fan took a step back. Xin Fan retreated as he saw a few bolts of flames coming back at him. Xin Fan's feet touched a wire and within a single moment's of time, he saw a dagger on the corner of his eye.


Xin Fan took another step back only to trip off another wire. Daggers of wood came flying from all directions attempting to break through his defense.

'I must calm down.'

Xin Fan's breath slowed as his mind cleared once more. He flashed upwards to the sky looking down at the forest. Here, he would not trigger any wires, He saw balls of flames shoot up at the sky targeting him. As he could not fly, his aerial mobility was lacking. Xin Fan lifted up his finger. With the momentum of his body, he spun in the air drawing an arc with his finger. A blade of energy shot out cutting through the flames allowing him to safely land. Xin Fan kicked the ground. Somewhere behind him, a student started to shine a bright light and vanished. Xin Fan grit his teeth as he is now faced with the strongest of the bunch. The lackeys were at the third stage but Hu Li was at the fourth. Xin Fan flashed behind one of the lackeys only to see him getting pulled away forcing Xin Fan to face Hu Li. Xin Fan felt a club striking him from behind. Xin Fan spun and punched outwards.

"Earth Crash"

The club splintered sending sharp pieces of wood flying everywhere. With that single opening, Xin Fan eliminated another student.


Xin Fan saw Hu Li flash in front of him. Hu Li's body split into two and Xin Fan was faced with two feet. Hu Li had saved this trump card and had never displayed this technique in public. This was the technique that he had saved just for this moment. However, all was for naught as Xin Fan was his opponent. Not only did has Xin Fan seen this sort of technique before, he knows how to counter it. Xin Fan stared at the two attacks headed his way and simply tapped the ground. From below, a few blades of energy shot up from beneath him. He did not even have a chance to react before he was cut and sent to the courtyard, eliminated. Xin Fan looked at the lackeys who now were without protection.

"Well...good to see you again. Bye Bye!"

Xin Fan waved before flashing behind them and sending them off to the courtyard. Xin Fan stretched as he watched the particles fade away into the air.

"Ahnn...ah...that was a good exercise."

Man Qiu looked at Xin Fan who seemed to be a bit too relaxed. She looked quite surprised at Xin Fan's growth. She had always remembered him to be a scrawny kid who always came second. Who knew that he would become so strong.

"Looks like uncle Xin was getting worried for nothing?"

Man Qiu looked at the rest of the people who were now speechless. They had all lost the confidence they had before. 'Taking down the strong with numbers.' only seemed like a joke right now. He Lanlan was staring at Xin Fan who was now taking a sip of water from his gourd.

"Xi...Xi.Xin Fan...are y.you alright?"

He Lanlan seemed quite nervous talking to Xin Fan. She had dropped all her previous arrogance when talking to him. Although Xin Fan didn't know, He Lanlan was one of Xin Fan's fans ever since the start of school when he made his entrance. Her worship of him was only increased knowing his background, son of a national hero.

"I'm fine...I guess...thanks for asking?"

'Did I scare her? Whoops...'

Xin fan was oblivious to the reason she was acting like this and simply dismissed her attitude as fear rather than admiration.

"Xin Fan...are you going to eliminate us now or what?"

Man Qiu was calm at the moment. It wouldn't be wrong for Xin Fan to just go and eliminate her right there and then. He would eliminate Chilong and Tianfei without hesitation so what reason did he have not to eliminate her?

"Nah...it's fine...I did come out to help you. It would be pointless if I just eliminated you myself. Just act ass if I was never here to begin with."

Xin Fan walked off into the forest leaving the group of 5 or so students alone in the forest. However long they survive, no longer mattered to him. With Man Qiu now leading that group, he trusted that she would get decent scores. His actions were simply a whim and nothing else.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》