Ultimate Rice System
111 Kindred Spiri
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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111 Kindred Spiri

Chilong bent over to avoid the flaming arrows headed his way. The girl was harsh in her method of attacking. No matter what happened, she would not let him attack back. Chilong was forced to a situation where he could only block without retaliation. The girl was able to easily predict Chilong's next move. Every parry of an arrow with his axe was followed by another arrow shot at him from a different angle. He Yuema frowned seeing Chilong's practically non existing retaliation against her.

"I'm quite disappointed...I heard you were very strong. I guess that my fault for believing in rumors."

She shot an arrow that split up into 5 in the air and came at him from different angles. Chilong bit his lips slammed his axe on the ground. The arrows pierced him from all directions however he held on. A film of qi formed around his body blocking off all the wounds from leaking. As long as his vitals weren't hit, he was fine getting shot. After all, the reason people die from wounds is not the wounds itself but the blood loss that comes after. He Yuema smiled excitedly as she pulled out a wooden crossbow that was strapped to her thigh and shot a bolt. She had strapped her bow back to her back and opted for a more accurate weapon. Chilong flashed forwards bypassing the bolt.

"This is what I am talking about!"

Chilong spun around swinging his axe to the side. To this, He Yuema jumped up and stepped on the axe that was swung towards her and grabbed Chilong on the head. She lifted up her knee and slammed Chilong's head to it. However as she did so, She felt the pain of her skin breaking and was forced to pull back. Chilong licked the blood around his lips and sneered at the girl. The girl stared back at him. She pulled back the bolt on her crossbow and pulled the trigger. As the bolt traveled forwards, she dashed towards him and pulled out a dagger and in a reverse grip, stabbed at him.

"Careful there!"

Chilong clicked his tongue as he retaliated pushing forwards with his axe. He spun in the air breaking the bolt heading his way. However to his surprise, it was not just one that was shot, Hidden behind, was another bolt that aimed at his unprotected spots. Chilong grit his teeth taking it head on with his shoulder. With his free hand, he grabbed He Yuema's wrist preventing him from being stabbed. The girl pushed the crossbow to his stomach and pulled the trigger. Chilong flashed behind her kicking her from behind.

'This girl, she's good!'

Chilong felt the heat rising in his body as adrenaline rushed through his body. He didn't expect to start using his full power from the very beginning. He didn't know when it started, but he was smiling as he fought. Chilong rushed through the forest charging at her without any worry. His movements were much sharper than before and he used his flash step a lot more frequently. He Yuema chuckled as she released another bolt. The bolts like the arrows split in the air into 5. However, she added a twist into it. Chilong already had a hunch that these were dangerous and parried them with his axe. As expected, there was a row of bolts behind the original one that he had parried. The girl closed up on him and threw a punch across his jaw. Chilong took a step back as he parried the back row of the bolts. Chilong rushed over to grab the girl by the neck attempting to choke her. However, the girl's eyes seemed to be smiling despite her gasping for air. Suddenly, he felt 5 sharp objects pierce his back. Chilong involuntarily coughed out blood as he released his grip. The girl gripped her throat allowing air to circulate.

"Who said that there was only 2 rows?"

Chilong's eyes widened as he saw another row of a bolts headed his way. He rolled to the side pulling out the bolts in his back. His eyes widened as another row of 5 bolts descended upon him. Chilong punched the ground and a wall of flames emerged from the ground devouring the wooden bolts. The main reason why Chilong disliked using techniques was the fact that his supply of qi was below average. The most efficient techniques were the ones that provided a passive protection. Chilong looked to the sky to be relieved that the onslaught of crossbow bolts had stopped. 25 homing bolts were terrifying no matter how you thought about it. Had they been real ones tipped with hard minerals, then the damage done to him would have been disastrous.

"This is how it should be. This is great!"

Although Chilong agreed with these words, it wasn't Chilong who had said these words. It was He Yuema. Chilong looked curiously at the strange girl standing before him. In many ways, he felt like he was looking at a reflection of himself. Chilong closed his eyes and then opened them up again with a new look, one that he had been holding back.

'I wanted to save this for Xin Fan but....this is getting fun!'

He Yuema was startled for a second by this change however recovered instantly. Her grin only became bigger as she saw Chilong disappear before her eyes. Chilong swung his axe down without hesitation above her head with full force. The ground shattered as his axe tore through it like paper. His eyes glowed as if ignited with a flame.

"Hahaha! Chilong! You are just as I envisioned!"

The girl flashed up into the air and changed back to her bow. She shot 5 arrows in a single go. The arrows shattered into many fragments as wooden splints fell down below like raindrops on a rainy day. The rain only made it harder to see these fragments of wood. However, Chilong did not care. He didn't bother even blocking the arrow. He ran up to where the girl would land and swung his axe. Needles of wood pierced through his skin as he ran through the forest.

"You're not too bad yourself! Arrow gir-no...He Yuema."

Chilong's axe ripped through all her defenses and made contact with skin. A second hadn't even passed and she started to fade into particles of white light. Although eliminated, the girl looked at Chilong with a look of glee as she faded away.

"Let's fight again!"

She didn't know her message was heard as her vision was obscured by light. Chilong grinned seeing her undying smile as she disappeared. It was rare to find a kindred spirit and he felt great joy.

"Very well. When we meet again."

Chilong walked off while releasing the barrier. Chilong immediately started to apply his herbal balm to heal up his wounds before his blood loss would get him eliminated. Splinters of wood were leeched as the wounds started to close up. Chilong drank a concoction from his body and coughed out a blue gas. He wiped his lips and moved on wards, in search of Xin Fan.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》