Ultimate Rice System
112 Tianfei“s mischief
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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112 Tianfei“s mischief

Tianfei wiped away the sweat on her forehead as she buried the final formation plate constructing her grand formation. She buried it in a patch of dirt with grass that stuck out it before pulling a bit of shrubs over it to completely conceal her deed. She giggled as she moved to the center of the formation and injected her qi in. Tianfei's body started to distort with her body slowly bending with the light until she was simply a faded tint in the air. A giggling voice could be heard as leaves shuffled within the forest.

"Oho? One person is finally in here!"

A boy no older than her shuffled through the undergrowth in fear of getting detected. He was careful and made sure he did not leave any tracks behind. With the rain pouring, all his footsteps were covered by the mud that flowed downhill.

"Hah...thank god...there is nobody here."

The boy took a cautious scan of the area and found a large bush. He slowly climbed into it concealing his entire body. He looked cautiously taking out a small box and putting it to the side. The boy took out a small piece of fried dough and placed it in his mouth. This was the only meal he had for the day. He had skipped breakfast to avoid getting urges to go during the examination. He decided that he would eat only if he had to. Tianfei chuckled as she had watched the boy eating. Unknown to him, there the blade of the dagger literally right in front of him.

"This place...It would be great for a formation...ah...I should have studied that."

The boy reached out to grab another piece of fried dough. He frowned as he placed the piece in his mouth.

'Did I only pack this much?'

He slowly chewed as he set up his crossbow letting it slightly poke out of the bushes.


The boy's eyes widened as he scanned the area. He swore he heard something just then. He looked suspiciously at a bush in the distance. Tianfei licked her oily fingers as she sat on the ledge looking down at the boy. The boy stared at the bush in the distance and pulled the trigger.


Tianfei frowned turning her head at the sound in the other bush. A girl jumped out charging at the bush the boy was at with a wooden sword in hand. On the other hand, there was a cold steamed bun. Tianfei's eyes lit up running to the spot the girl was at. Tianfei found a neatly wrapped bag filled with 2 steamed buns. She took the buns and stuffed them into her mouth and watched the battle behind her unfold.

The boy reloaded his crossbow and pushed it to the head of the girl. The girl dropped down and slashed upwards grazing the skin of his stomach. The boy kicked forwards however the girl stepped to the side and kicked him back sending him flying.

"As weak as ever."

The boy grit his teeth as he took out a dagger. He pulled the trigger of the crossbow at the girl before dropping it and taking out another dagger. The girl dashed forwards only to see her blade stopped by two smaller blades. The boy bit his lips and spat some of his blood into her eye blinding her temporarily before lifting up one of his daggers and stabbing forwards. The dagger pierced through the hand that moved to block. The girl grinned before grasping onto the hand holding the dagger. The girl lifted her head back and slammed forwards. The boy fell back slightly disoriented. The boy's eyes widened as he saw the wooden sword pierce his stomach. He struggled to move before light enveloped him and he was sent away. The girl sighed in relief as she walked back to the bush she was at before. While she was doing this, Tianfei looked around in the bag of the boy who was just eliminated. She had found a bag containing some biscuits which she pocketed almost immediately. She took the last last piece of fried dough and threw it in her mouth. She licked the oil around her lips before picking up the crossbow.

"Ah! Who took my steamed buns!"

The girl behind Tianfei screamed as she looked through her bag. She originally had food left but now they were gone. A few droplets of tears escape as she looked around. She was sure that there was no wild beasts around so someone must have came during her battle. She scrambled around looking for a culprit only to find nobody around her. She then turned back and found a biscuit sitting in her supposedly empty bag.

"W...Where did this get here?"

The girl stammered as she held the biscuits in her hands. She was sure that the bag was empty. Her eyes darted around only to see nothing. The girl felt a chill down her spine as the air started to turn cold. This was in no way part of Tianfei's plan. The temperature drop was simply due to the worsening weather which resulted in cold winds. Tianfei looked apologetically at the girl as she looked at the biscuit in the bag. The stormy weather soaked the trees weighing the leaves down. As the branches drooped lower and lower, the shadows within the forest only became larger.

"W...Whose there."

Tianfei looked at the girl. She seemed quite confused why the girl was so erratic. She thought for a moment and came up with a bright idea to calm the girl down.

"Big Sister! Calm down. I'm just playing around with you. It's me!"

However the girl did not hear a cheery voice calling for her. Instead, what she heard was some creepy voice behind her saying.

'Big Sister...Play..with...me"

The girl only felt her spine tingle afraid to turn her head. She was afraid that whatever was behind her was going to take her right there and right now. However, if she didn't turn around she would never know what took her. The girl turned her head ever so slightly. There she saw a girl dripping wet with parts of her body not even there. The girl smiled at her with glee as long hair drooped over her face sticking to her skin.

"B..begone ghost!"

The girl frightened grabbed a wooden dagger hanging by her thigh. It was an emergency weapon in case her sword broke. She lifted it up and brought it down to herself, piercing her stomach. A white light enveloped her as she was transported back to the courtyard. Her eyes trembled as she saw a girl slowly solidifying in the air in front of her. Tianfei stared at the empty space in front of her unsure of what was happening.

"Ara? Why did she do that?"

Tianfei walked over to the bushes to look through the other's bag. There wasn't much. It was mainly survival gear like rations, ropes, etc. Tianfei placed the useful ones, ie the food into her backpack and slowly walked away looking for more ways to improve on her existing formation.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》