Ultimate Rice System
114 Freedom Against Control Part 1
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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114 Freedom Against Control Part 1

Chilong's eyes darted across the terrain. His body trembled as he recoiled from the shock. His mind started to race as he shifted around looking for the girl. He heard the sounds of shifting leaves all around him but even he didn't trust his senses. His senses had been deceived once and wouldn't allow himself to be deceived another time. The rain started to come down and mud started to fill up in the forest even more. The grass was covered and mobility had been significantly decreased.

"Hahaha Chilong! Can't find me?"

A bolt of an arrow shot from a tree. Chilong shifted his focus onto it however did not block it. He watched until the last moment when it suddenly distorted and appeared from his side. Chilong closed his eyes as a white mist slowly emerged from his body. He sneered as he waved his hands.

"I may not be able to see, but my primal essence can."

Chilong scanned the area until he managed to detect a silhouette of a girl hiding behind the tree. His fingers slowly dropped one by one clasping the air. A tree to his side was crushed despite aiming in a linear direction. He had only targeted the ting in front of him yet the tree to the side was crushed. Even the sounds came from the sides and he had no way of knowing how. Chilong looked to the side to see the figure of the girl sitting on the crushed tree stump. She had her body partially faded into the air with a crossbow aimed at him.

"Did you really think I was here?"

Chilong froze as multiple silhouettes started to sprout in his sensory range. What was more scary than that, he didn't sense the girl that was supposedly there. It made no sense. However Chilong was not surprised. This was exactly how this girl worked. He could never grasp her well. Sometimes she was the playful glutton, other times she was the runt that liked to annoy him. This is who she was. Chilong lifted out his arm pointing his palm on the ground. Small sparks of lightning slowly dripped from his palms out like the formation of stalactites. It congealed into a solid ball of energy that floated below his palm. Chilong's eyes flashed as he noted down the spots where he detected the figures.

"You probably know this technique already."

The ball suddenly disappeared from his hands and appeared by the tree 10 meters away. An image of the girl popped as another one appeared sitting on the tree. Chilong saw a bolt of lighting suddenly appearing in his vision. Almost immediately his own ball of lighting appeared at the point of contact and absorbed the lighting bolt. If there was one thing that Chilong excelled in besides close combat, it was control. Just because he was bad at attacking techniques, it didn't mean he was bad at it. This specific technique was unlike the projectiles that Tianfei liked to use. It created a sustained projectile that could be controlled manually and was reusable.

"So not this one."


Tianfei sat on top of the tree out of Chilong's detection range. She was eating a biscuit while watching Chilong destroy her dummies.


'These biscuits are nice...Maybe i'll ask that boy for more when I find him later'

Tianfei pointed her finger at a random spot in the sky. A bolt of lighting shot to the sky and curved down striking Chilong. Chilong blocked it with his ball of lightning only making it grow in size. She sighed as her harassment proved to be futile.

'What a bothersome technique...Thunder ball'

She generated a ball of lightning much smaller than Chilong's and shot it forwards. She had allowed the formation to cover up the tracks of the technique and allowed it only to appear right before contact. The small ball zapped Chilong's back before it retreated back into the forest. The ball of lightning was absorbed back into Tianfei's body. Tianfei dropped down from the branch and flashed behind Chilong with a dagger in hand. A ball of lighting moved forwards to block the blow however the blade split up and reformed bypassing the barrier immediately. Chilong saw the smug expression on Tianfei's face as he moved his axe to block her from pulling off any more attacks. The dagger in Tianfei's hands scattered and became part of the wind.

"Thunder ball is great and all, but it has weaknesses...for example wind."

Tianfei's finger snapped and a blade of wind seemingly out of nowhere appeared. Chilong moved his ball only to see a major portion of the lighning get shaved off dissipating into the air. Chilong felt the air heat up and steam slowly covered the forest as the rain evaporated. When he looked back, Tianfei had disappeared. Chilong clicked his teeth as he moved his hands to his robe pocket.

'What is he doing?'

Chilong slowly pulled out an object from it. It appeared to be a steaming meat bun. Chilong sneered as he sunk his jaws into it. While out of pure coincidence, he stared in Tianfei's direction in spite.


Tianfei felt as if she had just been insulted. Her eyes spied the pocket at which Chilong had taken out the meat bun. She bit her lip as she exercised her fingers.

'Does he really think I will take the bait?'

Tianfei swung down from the branch hanging upside down while gathering her thoughts. A small stream of qi slowly exited her finger. It was faint enough as to not become detected and slowly edged towards Chilong. Her eyes shined as the string of qi grasped onto the meat bun and pulled back.


Chilong finished the meat bun and scanned the area. He had almost expected that the girl would take the bait given her personality. He moved his hands back to the pocket only to find our that it was empty.


Chilong's heart felt cold as he heard the faint sounds of a girl eating. He patted his pocket however nothing returned.

'What?! H..How..."

Chilong grit his teeth as he scanned the area. He took a deep breath and dashed forwards for the first time in this battle. He had the ball of lighting split up into many smaller ones and they separated attacking anything nearby. Trees after trees started to become destroyed and in due time, Tianfei had to start moving. Chilong's eyes glinted as the balls of lighting recombined and shot forwards. Tianfei flashed away almost immediately.

"Heh...almost there."

Chilong picked up a piece of torn black cloth that had landed on the ground. It was only a small piece of fabric but it was all he needed. Chilong's eyes started to dilate as he moved the cloth to his nose.


His eyes shifted around the forest and sniffed the air. His eyes then stared at an empty space 10 meters away from him.

"Oh! Looks like you found me!"

Tianfei slowly appeared sitting on the tree. Her legs hand loosely down on the tree. Her growing hair fluttered with the strong wind as the rain fell. She giggled slightly as she hopped down.

"Now, the question is...can you catch me?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》