Ultimate Rice System
115 Freedom Against Control part 2
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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115 Freedom Against Control part 2

Tianfei tapped her feet on the ground and flashed backwards. She giggled as she watched Chilong attempting to follow behind her. Despite her using flash step, Chilong still seemed to keep up closer to her. Every turn would result in Chilong in turn, turning in the same direction. Tianfei frowned seeing Chilong able to track her with such precision. He had the cloth kept close to his nose as to not forget the scent.

"You are more of a beast than I thought..."

Tianfei shot a blade of wind from her palms before jumping up to a tree. This disrupted her scent trail and forced Chilong to a defensive position. Chilong stared at the ground frantically looking around. The trail of scent has been blown away leaving him with no leads on his target. Tianfei let out a breath of relief as she looked down upon Chilong who was frantically looking around. Internally, she was cursing Chilong for being so troublesome.

'It was just a meat bun. What is his deal?'

Tianfei waited for Chilong to move away to the next location before figuring out her next course of action. She could always use her stronger projectile techniques however with Chilong's reflexes, any projectiles won't work a second time. In the distance, he saw Chilong brutally cutting down on all the dummy that she had set up from the formation. She squatted on the branch before swinging upside down moving freely against the wind. Her eyes were shut in contemplation for only a minute until she opened them up again with a plan in mind.

"Chilong...I'll harass you till you give up."

She grinned cheekily as she dropped onto the ground and slowly set up some more formations.


'34....When will this end.'

Chilong slammed down his axe on a dummy figure simply watching another one show up in the distance. He knew this was futile however he wasn't one to simply give up. Even the tiniest possibility of less than a single percent, was enough for him to take action. Chilong's nose sensed a change in the air. As rain dripped down his face, he was met with a familiar scent. Although there was no figure detected, his nose said otherwise. Chilong grinned as he charged up his axe and slashed out infront of him. He then was met with a cheeky voice behind him.


A jet of wind shot to his stomach making a weak slash wound across his sides as he attempted to dodge. He grit his teeth as his axe flicked mud in all directions around him. With the current conditions, even if Tianfei was visible, it would still be hard to make out where she was. The scent in the air disappeared once more leaving Chilong more wary than before. Chilong sent his ball of energy shooting around attacking random spaces. Chilong lifted up his hands as he shifted the ball to attack another dummy. This time however, the dummy popped with a surprise. A blade of wind sliced a side completely off the ball of lightning. Not only did the size halve once again, the energy contained in it was much smaller. All that energy was lost, unable to be re-absorbed into his body.

It was at this point in the battle that he had noticed a particular breeze between his legs. He didn't mind much as there was nobody around.

'Same old trick...'


The ball of lightning returned to Chilong's palm as he drunk something out of a bottle. Immediately after, sparks started to be generated from his hands and the ball returned back to it's original state. He simply stood there as mud started to pile upon his feet. He had a firm grasp on the ball of lightning and played around with it as if it were a simple rock. A blade of wind suddenly appeared behind him. Chilong didn't even flinch and crushed the ball in his hands. Immediately, a massive shortwave erupted with Chilong at the center. Chilong had placed his guards up however the same couldn't be said for Tianfei. Chilong saw small spurts of red appear seemingly out of nowhere in his peripheral vision. He sneered as he looked in the general direction. His hands were outstretched and a bit of that blood touched his fingertips.


"Oh? That's where you're hiding."

Chilong had the look of someone who had enough. He was going to enjoy this while it lasted. He sneered as he slowly tracked where the girl was at.


Tianfei dropped the white cloth that was on her hands onto the floor. Her hands retracted the string of qi as she watched Chilong simply stand there.

'What is he doing? Is he not mad?'

Tianfei knew that Chilong was up to something. And that something, didn't seem good. Tianfei watched as Chilong recharged the ball of lightning. Tianfei tilted her head in confusion. Normally, someone will switch plans if something didn't work. A blade of wind appeared on Tianfei's palms as she slowly walked forwards.

'That is a bit to dangerous....'

As Tianfei approached she lifted up the blade up high and slashed downwards. She then was met with an explosion of lightning with shocks resonating throughout her body. She coughed up blood as she flashed backwards to mitigate damage.

'Why would he do that!?'

Tianfei cursed Chilong who now had some of her blood on his finger tips. His head turned to her and sneered.

"Oh? That's where you're hiding."

Tianfei's eyes open in fright.

'He's angry! He's angry!'

Like a chicken that had been agitated, she dashed she ran away like she had never ran before. It even topped that time when she was dragged into the academy. She didn't deploy smoke as that would simply give away her location and make tracking easier. Her fingers slowly formed different symbols as she carved away at the tablet in her hands.

"Catch me if you can!"


Chilong raced up to the empty space ahead of him. The scent of blood only helped draw him in closer. She couldn't have possibly been any more than a few meters in front of him. The smell only became stronger until finally, he knew it was time. He gripped his axe with all his might and slashed out in front of him. He saw some blood spill however that was all.

"Too bad."

Chilong felt something sharp penetrate his back before there was an explosion of light. Chilong felt his body slowly become teleported away. Looking behind him, he saw a girl clutching her bleeding arm with a crossbow in hand. She had a satisfying grin as she watched him slowly depart. Before long, he found himself in top condition back at the courtyard. There was no bleeding what so ever as he landed on the grass. A girl walked up to him.

"Oh! Chilong! I didn't expect to see you so soon! Who eliminated you!"

Chilong looked up at the familiar girl who was grinning at his arrival.

"Hah...Just an annoying runt."


Tianfei sat by a tree attempting to stop her bleeding. From her pocket, she took out a familiar bottle and smeared a paste on her arm.

"Thank god I stole this."

Tianfei looked smugly at her arm as it healed up. Her hands were slightly burnt but it was all worth it in the end. 'How did she survive?' you may ask. It's simple really. She manipulated the wind to make her bloody scent closer than she actually was. This in turn resulted in Chilong to misjudge the distance. In the meantime, Tianfei had time to charge up her attack and flashed behind him. After that, it was game over. Tianfei let out a sigh of relief as she climbed up a nearby tree and sat on one of the branches.

"Hah...I should have stolen more of his food..."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》