Ultimate Rice System
116 Unexpected Ques
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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116 Unexpected Ques

As Xin Fan trudged along the muddy forest floor, he had noticed that Chilong and Tianfei's should were close together. It was at close enough that he was sure that they had met. As they had agreed on no alliances, Xin Fan was almost certain that they were fighting. This was on top of the fact that they had a mutual hated for each other.

"Are they fighting?"

As he said this, he had noticed that one of the souls was no longer there. It wasn't apparent at first site to them being so close,but he found Chilong and Chitian's soul in a completely different location.

"So Tianfei won..."

He could already imagine the look on Chilong's face. Given his personality, he would be frustrated for a moment before letting it go, that is if Tianfei did not go too far. Xin Fan gently sighed as he headed in the general direction. He was unsure whether he would even meet up either with her before they were eliminated. Who knows, maybe someone who had a grudge against him would eliminate him first.

"Who knows, maybe I will get first...kukuku."

Xin Fan internally chuckled as he moved onward as rain started to pour up with mud slowly piling on his feet. With this weather, nobody knows what will happen. Suddenly, he had a system notification.

[ Quest had been generated ]


Quest 5:Win the battle royale


Reward: Very tasty chicken

Fail Condition: Be eliminated


Xin Fan frowned.

'Why did the quest appear now?'

Xin Fan was unsure what this phenomenon represented. Did he do something wrong? The reward didn't seem that interesting either. Xin Fan was sure that this was an ordinary chicken given the fact that the failure had no penalty. Typically larger quests that he had received came with penalties of a similar magnitude.

"Okay then..."

Even if he had won, the rewards wouldn't be that big if any at all. What made Xin Fan gave it a second thought, was the fact that the quest arrived at that moment rather than before. Unlike the previous examples, The quest arrived with a completion of more than 50%. The big question for him was, 'What prompts quests to appear?'

Xin Fan rubbed his chin as he walked up the hill. Despite being a great distance from Tianfei, he could tell that she was going to be formidable. She was stationed in one place, two large hills across with plenty of trees to cover her. Xin Fan trudged until he felt his feet start to sink at a rapid pace. The mud for some reason, did not hold up his weight. Instead, He felt himself drop lower and lower before he could react.

"Caught one!"

Xin Fan heard the sounds of a couple of people jumping from the bushes in ambush. Although he knew that he was going to be fine, he applauded the ambushers for their good ideas. Although, not to the degree of Tianfei, they had used the terrain to their advantage to take down stronger students. Xin Fan's eyes saw some bloodstains on the wooden blades on their weapons. It was evident that this trap was effective. Xin Fan felt a cold, moist sensation crawl up from his feet as his torso sunk.

'My clothes would become so dirty...'

A boy lifted up his sword and slashed across the top of the bog to eliminate Xin Fan. However, his opponent was after all, Xin Fan who flashed behind him tapping him on the back.

"Good job...but too bad."

Taken by surprise, the boy lost footing and fell headfirst into the bog and started to sink. His flailing arms were useless as he kept sinking deeper and deeper into the mud. Xin Fan tilted his head and caught a wooden arrow with his teeth. He took a quick glance to see another boy aiming for his head with an arrow. Xin Fan picked sword on the ground and threw it with great precision pinning the boy by his robe to a tree.


He aimed to eliminate however due to lack of skill and practice, he missed forcing him to take another blow. This of course was taught by none other than Xin Kong who had attained a high mastery of the sword.

Xin Fan sighed as a single blade of energy slowly emerged from his wrist. He walked up to the boy who was pinned and deflected the arrow that was shot his way. As he slashed down, he saw a dagger appear at the edge of his eyes. Through sheer instinct, he changed targets and slashed away in the general direction. The particles of light flashed as he found his blade stuck in a girl covered in leaves. A part of the bush appeared to be missing from before. Xin Fan was slightly bewildered for a moment before he eliminated the boy pinned to the tree. Looking back, he saw the flash of white emerging to the surface from the bog.

"I...I might steal these ideas."

He looked at his path to realize that in order to cross, he had to pass through the bog. Xin Fan closed his eyes as he started to circulate qi. He squatted low on the ground to the edge of the bog as he placed his palm on the surface. An intense flame lit up only on his palm as he transferred energy to the wet bog. Steam rose to the surface as the bog slowly sunk until the mud had dried up. Xin Fan grit his teeth as he started to cross. This was, a bad idea. Considering the nature of the assessment, he was literally waving a flag showing where he was. Xin Fan himself knew that and knew that he had to hurry to get out. If he met another large group of students, who knew what would happen.

It wasn't long until the inevitable happened, he encountered another person. Like the rest, this person was not alone. Instead, there was 5 people this time. Their powers were extremely mismatched with many still being in the first stage. Their coordination was abhorrent which showed that they simply banded together by coincidence. What surprised Xin Fan the most was the fact that they were still in the assessment.



Xin Fan dusted the dried mud off his palms as he walked past the lights that were collapsed on the ground. The fight was longer than he expected as there were 3 people shooting him at regular intervals as he was forced to take care of the melee fighters.

Xin Fan's eyes looked forward and for a moment, he started to doubt his own senses.

'Tianfei...is no longer there.'

Xin Fan closed his eyes to sense the location of Tianfei. To his surprise, she was right next to Chilong, back at the courtyard. It had only been 10 minutes since he had last checked up on her and somehow during that interval, she been eliminated. Xin Fan had a clear idea on Tianfei's abilities. With enough preparation, she could take down very formidable foes. Judging by the fact that she had eliminated Chilong, she had long finished preparation and probably had done more than that. Xin Fan looked worryingly at the path ahead.

"Who could possibly do this?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》