Ultimate Rice System
117 Rematch
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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117 Rematch

Tianfei dropped onto the ground in the courtyard. Her face was pale, as if she had encountered the supernatural. Then again, this world on it's own seemed to be a product of the supernatural. However, as much as qi techniques seemed like magic, even it had some logical system. A skinny figure walked up to Tianfei. Following closely behind, was a girl she didn't recognize. The boy sneered as he looked down on her.

"So...how did Xin Fan defeat you?"

"I...It wasn't Xin Fan...."

Tianfei was still shaking as she thought about the last 10 minutes. Chilong frowned. 'Not Xin Fan? Who could it have possibly been.'

"It was that one boy who had a stalemate with Xin Fan. Tong Hu."

"Didn't you have you're formation to protect you? What happened to that?"

Tianfei was silent. She stood up unsure of how to react. Her hands were still shivering. Her spirit seemed shattered.

"I...don't know what he did... It wasn't a qi technique...It wasn't a primal essence technique either...but I know that Xin Fan will lose..."

Chilong's hand reached forwards to her head. His thumb and middle finger formed a ring as it hovered gently in front off her forehead.


A red dot slowly formed on her forehead as he retracted his hands. Tianfei gripped her head as she rolled on the ground in pain.

"AHH! What was that for!"

"Hmph...you dare doubt our leader? Xin Fan isn't going down without a fight."


Xin Fan grit his teeth as the mudslide seemed to worsen. From what he can see, this will be the terrain for the rest of the battle royale. The rain was heavier than ever with lightning striking down at regular intervals. It is to no one's surprise that people are dropping out one after the other. 'Who could possibly defeat Tianfei.'

Xin Fan swung his arm and gripped tightly on a low hanging branch. A single fall will cause him to slide a fair distance behind. From the corner of his eyes, he could see someone else. That person was swept up by the mudslide and was being carried over to the bottom. That was enough for Xin Fan to ignore. Xin Fan shot a simple bolt of fire in that direction before moving onward flashing to the next tree.

"When will this end."

The climb to the top seemed endless as even still, the weather became harsher. Hail started to fall breaking apart the fragile terrain. Ever so often, the branch Xin Fan hung on would snap forcing him to expend some extra qi for safety.


The mountain seemed to plateau towards the top so Xin Fan had a place to rest. Inside a nearby bush, Xin Fan consumed what was left of his rations. From the top, Xin Fan could see the devastation caused by the mudslide. To be honest, he was quite surprised that anyone survived that. Even he felt that the terrain was too much.

'Quest progress.'

[ Quest Completion at 99% ]

Xin Fan's senses sharpened. 'There was someone else still here?'. As he climbed, he slowly had the idea that the storm ruined Tianfei's formation forcing her to lose. However, although irrational, he had a lingering thought at the possibility of someone being able to defeat her at her full potential.


In the distance on the other side of the plateau he saw a figure rest against a boulder.

'Another person?'

Xin Fan gripped what's left of his weapon. Through the storm, his wooden scythe suffered harshly as it took the brunt force of falling rocks. Red hair fluttered as the wind blew it fiercely. The figure turned towards the bush that Xin Fan hid in. His voice had an seemingly apathetic tone to it.

"I know ... you're there."

Xin Fan's heart tightened. 'How did he know where I was?'. Xin Fan leaped out of the bush and closed in. However before he could get close, he felt a gut wrenching pain in his chest. Without any notice, he found himself shooting backwards. It was lucky that there was a large rock that absorbed the impact lest he fell off the mountain.


Xin Fan's eyes twitched as he looked at the figure. From simply the red hair, he could recognize the person. It was Tong Hu. Tong Hu cracked his neck as his fist started to glow. Although Xin Fan saw no movement, he could feel a rush of air head to his face. Instinctively he shifted his head to the side. A crack slowly formed on the rock behind him. Xin Fan quickly retaliated punching forwards. He didn't know what it was that he hit, but he hit something. Yet at the same moment, Xin Fan saw Tong Hu flinch as he took a step back. Under his breath, Xin Fan heard a small murmur.

"How?...Isn't he a bit...op?"

Xin Fan did not understand what Tong Hu said but he was cautious this time before attacking. Xin Fan didn't know what it was but there seemed to be some sort of figure besides Tong Hu. Xin Fan could sense Tong Hu's cultivation. It was the same as his was yet what attacked him contained no traces of Tong Hu's qi. It was some sort of energy that he could not understand.

'What is that?'

Xin Fan flashed to the space in Tong Hu's blind spot. Without giving Tong Hu time to breath, he punched forwards.


Tong Hu turned around as if he saw Xin Fan from the very start. Tong Hu's fist matched Xin Fan's and caused a small shockwave upon contact.


The rock that Xin Fan was leaning against was struck by lightning and turned into a fine powder.


Xin Fan once again felt a strong force hit his stomach. This time however, he had his other hand to brace it as he flew upwards. Xin Fan materialized blades along his arms and back as he spun down to the ground forcing Tong Hu to step aside.

"What...is with this...kid...?"

Tong Hu's eyes seemed to glisten as he dashed forwards and punched out at Xin Fan. Xin Fan blocked each blow with his scythes with minimal movements.


Tong Hu's breathing calmed down before suddenly he rushed forwards with a punch. Xin Fan felt an explosive force travel across his body. The blades across his left arm shattered to pieces as he was sent flying. The attack was so sudden. In that split second, Xin Fan made the decision to jump back. Had he not done that, there would have been more than just the blades that would shatter.

Xin Fan coughed out a mouthful of blood. His breathing was erratic as he dropped to his knees looking at the figure that didn't even seem tired. The figure pointed at him as if calling something to him.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》