Ultimate Rice System
118 Otherworldly Power System
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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118 Otherworldly Power System

I could never forget the image of the raging inferno on that day. On that day, it seemed as if the sky had been shattered by something beyond human comprehension. At that time, I was just a baby, a newly born soul in my home village of the northern Tong tribe. As a one year old child, there wasn't much that I could remember. On that day, a beam of light shot out from the sky ripping through the air towards the south. Following this, bursts of lights of varying intensities erupted from that same spot chasing after that same light. Some would soar at breakneck speeds whereas others would fall descending to the mortal world below.

"The skies...The heavens are collapsing...This is an ominous sign..."

I remember hearing the man sitting by my crib muttering softly staring at the skies. He stroked his crimson mane and gently rubbed my face with his rugged, scarred arms. His gentle eyes stared at me.

"I'm sorry..."


A man, not much older than 20, ran into the room gasping for air. Despite being so young, he was missing an arm.

"Chief! Chief! There has been another stampede!"

Tears streamed down this man as he slowly collapsed onto the ground.

"That damn Shi Clan...They are just mocking us...I will never forgive them."

The man coughed up a mouthful of blood, looking up at the chief with his wet eyes. Even he knew that he didn't have much longer. The chief slowly walked towards the man at a calm pace. Under those calm eyes, there hid a rage that could never be quenched. The chief's hands reached forwards closing the man's eyes.

"It's alright, You may rest now."

The chief looked towards the glaive that hung upon the wall. The blade was half a metre long, made of a black steel with gold engravings on the side. The wooden shaft had fibers packed so densely that you would think that it was made of metal. The chief rubbed his fingers along the blade of the glaive letting blood drip into the engravings.

"Eat well my friend...for our final supper."

As the chief left, unbeknownst to him, a flash of light rained down upon his child.


By the time when I was 5, the village had become a lot quieter. The battle had long ended and once again the village was at peace after years of battle. I never saw my father again after that day. Many of the villagers have left for the city. It was natural after all. The strongest man;the chief, had disappeared on that day. After then, there hadn't been a single case of a stampede. With only 5 people left, I barely had any chance to interact with anyone.

When the awakening ritual occurred, I felt a strange energy bursting out from my body. It wasn't qi, that is what I was sure of. At that time I was not unsure of what I heard. I heard a robotic noise in my head.

"Spin the Wheel,"I heard as I struggled to withstand the pressure of the awakening. However on the last hour, I could no longer hold on and that is how I failed my first Awakening ritual.


For the next year, trained my body to no end. I didn't want to fail and I would do anything to get stronger. As there wasn't anyone around, I would often train for the entire day. It started from 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours until it finally became 16 hours. A small desire had become my routine. I WAS going to awaken.


Almost a year ago, on the second awakening, I held on. I survived till the last hour when I was 5. Now, after a whole year of training, I was ready. Once again I heard voice in my head.

"Spin the Wheel," I heard once again.

As the final hour ended, the sound of glass shattering resonated through my soul. A burst of energy flooded through my body and I began to emit an aura. The colour of the world changed. I noticed a However all of that was not important.

"Welcome to the Otherworldly Power System, Spin the wheel"

In front of me was a man in a black suit sitting upon a roulette wheel. His tail snaked around his waist as he stared intently at me with his crimson eyes. He had a devilish grin as he tapped his thigh waiting for my response.

"Was it you who kept calling me?"

The man tilted his head.

"Does it matter? What if I did? What if I didn't?"

The man jumped off the wheel with a flourish and bowed. Although it was daytime, his horns were as black as the night unable to be reflect any light.

"You may call me the devil, the deceiver, or as I prefer, the butler. You may call me Set. What is your desire master."

Set placed his hand on the edge of the wheel.

"Do you wish to spin the wheel master?"
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I looked hesitant for a while before looking resolute.

"Spin it!"

Set grinned widely before spinning the wheel. He gave off a demonic laughter as the arrow clicked between the different slots.

"Kukuku...Good choice master!"

The wheel stopped at an image of a figure with another figure standing close behind. Set laughed manically.

"Interesting...Interesting...for the first power you have gained life force projection...kukuku."

Behind me materialized a strange humanoid figure. It was a strange sensation. All my senses were connected and I could manipulate this figure as i desired.

"Astral projection, Evil spirit, Guardian spirit, Stand, Persona, this ability had been called by many names however in essence they are all the same thing."

Set flashed in front of my projection and looked at it deep in the eyes. Through the projection I could see the crimson flames hidden in his eyes.

"Your one is quite boring...empty. Lets give it a name shall we?"Set twirled in the air and tapped my projection on the forehead.

"I name you Dirty Diana."

My projection shook. Cables of steel burst from my projection's body wrapping around it like vines around a tree. A ring of barbed cables formed around the head like a crown embedding deep inside.

As this was occurring, the wheel slowly faded and the devil slowly faded into my shadow.

"I come and go as I please, Let's hope the next time we meet, you are stronger."

A pair of crimson eyes flashed in my shadow before fading away.


The boy in front of me punched despite seemingly having no effect. I retaliated with another punch sending him to a wall. Blades materialized around his body as he spun towards me.

"What... is with this... kid...?"

I coated my arm with invisible cables from my projection punching forward breaking his blades. and sent him to the ground. I pointed my finger at him sending my projection forward.


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    《Ultimate Rice System》