Ultimate Rice System
119 Closing of the Opening Ac
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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119 Closing of the Opening Ac


That moment: On top of the plateau


The heavens twisted as even the horizons begin to dim. The clouds transitioned to a pitch black as the two stared at each other in the eye. An entity that Xin Fan could not see slowly moved towards him. While he could not see it, deep inside, his soul could feel it.

"It is over..."

The red haired boy had a domineering aura to him. While the clothes he wore were tattered, scarred with stitches, from the way he looked down on him, Xin Fan felt like he was facing a mountain.


Xin Fan felt his body lifted up by an invisible force. My arms...they hurt. A deep impression formed on his skin coiling around his arms and torso. Throughout the circumference of his body, puncture wounds appeared simultaneously, dyeing his pale tunic crimson.

"I...Will not give up..."

The boy's muscles hardened as he struggled. A burst of blue aura erupted from his skin as he escaped the clutches of the entity. Tong Hu flinched as burn marks stretched from his forearms to his chest.

"So you won't give up. I guess I have to use this thing."

Tong Hu cracked his joints before entering a martial stance. In his mouth was a pill no bigger than a grain of rice. He bit down and swallowed and a red aura formed over his fists. His eyes glowed a deep red as he started to growl.

However, unbeknownst to the both of them, In the distance, figures started to emerge from the clouds.


That moment: At a certain village


An aged man crouched checking the heartbeat of a bloodied up man on the ground. He had a grim expression on his face seemingly tired of everything. A figure clad in black flicked a dagger in the air and caught it in between his fingers.

"Did you do this? Is this the will of the Shi Clan?"

A gust blew picking up particles of dust into the air. The man sneered as he licked the droplets of blood off the edge of the dagger.

"So what if it is? So what if it isn't? Besides there is no need to talk to a dead man."

An array of daggers materialized into the air in a straight line. Each blade emanated an ominous red hue.

"36 Blade Technique: Blood Letting"

The blades scattered through the air tearing through everything it touched. Of the 36 blades 5 pierced through the aged man, one even cutting his hand clean off. The man sighed in exasperation.

"I'll take that as a yes...Courting death all of you."

The Shi Clansman laughed in a maniacal manner.

"And what will you do about it?"

However that grin slowly turned upside down as the aged man stood up seemingly unharmed. From behind his back 5 blades stuck upon a post.

"As you said before, There is no use talking to a dead man...You have been dead the moment you walked past the gate."

The man's skin glowed gaining a metallic sheen. From the dust, flakes of steel emerged from seemingly like magic picking up the hand and reattaching it to the wrist. The aged man closed his eyes as he brought his open palms to a close. The steel particles collected around the Shi Clansman forming blades, ripping through skin, flesh and bone.

The man looked up at the sky in worry. After all, ominous clouds started to form from the horizon.


That moment: In a palace


A man dressed in all purple sat on the throne seemingly bored. A dozen servants arranged in rows kowtowed to him in fear.

"Your highness, this servant apologies. The man who has murdered your highness's child has not been located."

The emperor shook his head calming his servants. There was neither anger nor happiness in his eyes. He took a gulp of wine from his goblet and spoke.

"There is no point. That boy came from 'that' village. With 'him' protecting the boy even if I complain there is nothing I can do. Sons, I have dozens to spare however there is only one of that man that I cannot offend."

The servants looked up trembling.

"C...Could that man be?"

The emperor nodded.

"Besides, do we honestly have the time to deal with him now?"

The man solemnly watched as clouds invaded the last of his city.


That moment: In towns near the abyss


The towns were in chaos as men and women alike slowly collapsed on the street. It was unknown why these people had collapsed however something they all had in common was the fact that their veins were all bulging out against their skin as if it were about to burst. Not even children were spared with many still seen clasping on their necks struggling to breathe.

Within the depths of the abyss bursts of light shot to the skies like beacons. Smoke billowed from the depths and formed clouds that enveloped the skies. From within each of these smoke, faceless armored figures started to emerge. Leading the forefront were ones that ones that wore five horned helmets.

"Soon...the abyss will rule the chaotic realms."

These figures slowly assembled within the clouds bringing in hordes of minions behind them.


That moment: In the afterlife

A man stood at the desk assessing a line of souls.

"Lord Yama! The Starseeker Realm! The abyss is taking it too!"

A couple descended and landed on the desk. They were gods who have ascended from the mortal plane and work within the court of the gods. The man continued to stamp papers as if he hadn't heard the words of his fellow deities.

"Lord Yama!"

"I heard...and so what...It has happened so many times already...I am tired."
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His eyes looked forward at what seemed like an unending line.

"Has that being's soul been fully transferred yet?"

His eyes continued to look at the papers. This was his job. To send souls to their punishment so that they may be cleansed for their next life. His life was driven not by choice but fate.

"Not yet the vessel cannot handle it yet...You don't mean?"

Lord Yama sighed. He looked at his fellow gods. He slowly took out a scroll from within his purple robe. His calloused hands passed the stamped scroll to the couple who at this point started to tear up.

"How many realms do we have left?"

"There are Nine left my lord."

The couple took the scroll and flew off into the distance. They understood what the scroll meant. Lord Yama sighed once again as he began to stamp away.

"This is my final gamble."


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