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VRMMO: Becoming the Famed Sword God
Author :DJason
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1 Liao Feng


If helpless was visualized, Liao Feng and many others would be the very picture.

The amount of top-tier experts wreaking havoc across the land just for the Divine Tier ring was astonishing. Each of these experts were young masters and misses from enormous backgrounds, power leveling themselves to the top since the beginning.

In front of them, Liao Feng can only sigh in defeat before entering the fray of experts for that slim chance of victory.


A loud explosion caused by a random top-level Mage sent Liao Feng flying backward, crashing into the ground. His health immediately plummeted to zero.

'Worth the shot. Losing one level is not too bad at this point in the game anyways,' he thought while losing consciousness, preparing to respawn at the nearest city.

Only to find out that he wasn't in the city, or even in the game for that matter of fact.

Liao Feng had his eyes remained closed as he laid down even though he was awake. He subconsciously waited until he felt his feet were touching the ground. When he did, he would wake up.

A few more seconds than the regular respawn duration passed. A confused feeling crept into his heart. He opened his eyes, looking around to see he was in a poorly maintained bedroom. Although cleaning bots were available for purchase in this era, he wasn't very rich at the time.

'This place looks strangely familiar,' he thought.

He was dazed for a moment before jumping up with a solemn expression.

"Why am I here? I don't live here anymore!" he said aloud slightly nervous.

Liao Feng was usually calm and collected in most situations, but this? This was very new.

This wasn't right. Liao Feng had long since moved into a bigger and better house after making a good amount of money in Legacy of Gods.

The only possibility that could happen was that he was abducted, but that thought was thrown out the window when he questioned it. Why would they bring him back to his old home?

Instinctively, he reached for his phone to find answers to his question but paused when he saw that it was the model he used years ago.

'What?' this only got more confusing.

The phone screen lit up to show the date: 2319.

This was wrong. The current year is 2325.

Liao Feng slumped back onto his bed thinking, feeling a strange warmth as if he was finally home. Or it could just be the heater was on, or the ac was off.

Regardless, the only conclusion he could come up with was that he somehow went back in time. Normally, he was always calm in every situation, but he didn't feel like he could've sanely thought that he went back in time did he? But the evidence was all there.

The old model of the phone, the old bedroom, the time..., everything was how it was years ago. That also meant Legacy of Gods had not come out yet!

Immediately, Liao Feng searched for information online about Legacy of Gods and saw many articles with names such as;

"First full-dive VRMMO Legacy of Gods, coming out in 1 hour!"

"These are the companies planning on investing!"

Articles such as these were coming out every second. The whole world was excited. After all, a 100% sensational experience in Virtual Reality was unprecedented!

Unknowingly, Liao Feng had come to accept this odd situation. Not only that, but he had a strange feeling of excitement. He felt that the Heavens gave him a second chance to become even greater than he was the first time!

Liao Feng looked at the time and saw that there were a mere 58 minutes before the release of the Legacy of Gods servers. If he was dreaming of going back in time, then Liao Feng never wanted this dream to end! The opportunities are endless in such a world!

Immediately, Liao Feng grabbed the VR headset that he bought just to play this game and put it on. Feeling his consciousness fade away once again, he unconsciously smiled.

There was a bright flash of light before Liao Feng could blink away the brightness. What he saw was a floating menu that displayed at the top of it, "Character Creation."

Seeing this, Liao Feng was now thoroughly convinced, he was sent back in time. He already had a character created and never even bothered thinking about deleting it.

The menu was like this:

Character Creation




A simple and straightforward menu. Liao Feng unhesitantly inputted a name he would use for every game that he played, "Soul Taker." Although this domineering name was barely known and ridiculed for the owner's lack of skill in his previous life, in this one, it will be a legend.

Class: Swordsman.

The play button was grayed out, signifying the servers were not open yet.

Looking at the countdown at the top right of the menu, "57:41" Liao Feng saw that he had some time to think about his next plan of actions.

First and foremost, leveling and money. Liao Feng thought of places where he could level fast as well as hidden repeatable quests that gave a fair amount of gold and experience.

However, while thinking of a plan, Liao Feng immediately froze for a full minute. In the inside, however, he was laughing like a maniac.

Accessories such as rings and necklaces had no level requirement. Even the Divine Tier ring Liao Feng and many others died trying to obtain, had no level requirement. Meaning, a level 0 could use it and obtain its overpowered properties which was another reason why it was so sought after. Also, Divine Tier equipment was in the realm of gods. One had to know, this game went by the name of "Legacy of Gods." If one had Divine Tier equipment, they were essentially the true inheritors of the Gods.

Only a mere 8 appeared in the 6 years Liao Feng was playing the game.

Now, why would thinking about Divine Tier accessories make Liao Feng laugh like a maniac?

Well, as a regressor, he just so happened to know how to obtain the 3 Divine Tier accessories that had appeared over time and how easy it was to obtain them. The only reason they didn't find owners was due to the ingenious way its existence was covered by the developers.

Who would've thought, a ring used by Gods would be in a level 5 area?


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