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VRMMO: Becoming the Famed Sword God
Author :DJason
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2 Ring of Life

Even though Liao Feng was a level 0 with pretty much nothing to his name, he was certain he could get the Divine Ring in the level 5 Gray Wolves area with no issues. As of right now, soloing a miniboss shouldn't be a problem either.

Looking around, Liao Feng noticed he was once again in the Beginner Village. The central plaza was overcrowded with players.There were several thousand Beginner Villages, of course, each home to several tens of thousand beginners.

The experts, instead of standing idle and taking in the scenery of experiencing an artificial Medieval world, immediately moved out in groups with other professional gamers to farm the level 1 Wild Boars more efficiently.

Liao Feng, looking at these people merely smiled in nostalgia before moving towards the level 5 area of dense forest where the wolves resided.

On the way there, there were several hundreds of other players idiotically trying to kill the wolves, but there were also some professionals luring away stray wolves and taking them down as a team.

In this environment, Liao Feng wasn't really noticed.

Advancing forwards, Liao Feng expertly dodged aggroing the wolves. He didn't want to waste any time fighting them due to the exp boost the ring would grant.

As the deeper Liao Feng went into the forest, the stronger the wolves became, growing to level 6 and 7, some even 8. However, Liao Feng wasn't intimidated the least bit. Only the Gray Wolf King would pose a challenge to him with his experience.

Eventually, Liao Feng reached the center of the forest where a large mountain's base was at. There was a large cave opening in the mountain. The Divine Ring was in here but in front of the entrance was an enormous pack of level 8-9 pack of wolves, some level 10 elite gray wolves, and the level 15 Gray Wolf King.

Facing this hoard of monsters, even Liao Feng with his experience was not confident about taking them down. He could easily take down two or three at the same time as of right now, but over 10 or 20 of them as a level 0 with novice equipment? Please.

However, how could he call himself a professional if he didn't even know the basics of luring low intelligent mobs?

45 minutes later, Liao Feng was now a level 12 with 3 silver coin and 28 coppers. This was beyond fast. Although the high-level gray wolves and elites gave a large amount of experience for his level, due to the gap in levels, he received an extra amount of experience. After about an hour of release, the rich power levelers or experts would probably be at level 2 or 3, at most.

The only opponent left was the Gray Wolf King which was currently facing Liao Feng with an angry expression.

Liao Feng repeatedly lured one or two wolves at the same time by showing himself in their line of sight before hiding behind a tree. The wolves would approach cautiously and curiously before he decapitated them swiftly by striking their vital points, causing critical hits each time. Although the wolves were much faster than Liao Feng, a level 0, their attack patterns were simple and had long been memorized so defeating them was an easy task.

Eventually, the Wolf King was now the only one left. Before he killed the wolves, Liao Feng felt that defeating the Wolf King would have been a challenge, but due to receiving the whole set of level 10 elite gray wolf gear which increased his speed and defense by a decent amount, he felt that defeating this Wolf King with eyes closed wouldn't be an issue.

Liao Feng laughed in mockery at the Gray Wolf King, taunting it to come over. It roared in anger and charged.

Sure enough, the Gray Wolf King was also dispatched in several minutes. Unexpectedly, Liao Feng received a series of global announcements.

'Which top-tier god is it again?' Liao Feng subconsciously thought. Global announcements happened every now and then in the past, usually when a top-tier expert acquired some outstanding achievement. Liao Feng was usually the one reading the announcements, who would've thought…

[Congratulations to Soul Taker for slaying Level 15 Boss, Gray Wolf King!]

[Congratulations to Soul Taker for slaying Level 15 Boss, Gray Wolf King!]

[Congratulations to Soul Taker for slaying Level 15 Boss, Gray Wolf King!]

"What the fuck?!" Liao Feng was beyond shocked. He always wanted this to happen! Having his name for all to see! Achieving something before all others, or achieving something only he could achieve be broadcasted! This fame, he always wanted it!

Even several minutes after the announcement, Liao Feng still couldn't wipe off the stupid grin off his face.

However, elsewhere…


A group of professional gamers from an extensive company in China were fairly deep into the gray wolf forest, but not enough to meet level 9 and 10s were killing level 6,7 and 8 wolves, a few at a time.

This group of professional gamers was known as Phoenix Devils, a top-tier group in one of the largest companies in China, Reptillian Riches Financial Group.

They were farming without speaking a single sound, merely nodding to each other as signals for formations and attack plans. This was the peak level of gaming and teamwork. Although Legacy of Gods was the first full-dive VRMMO, its release was made known years ago, therefore allowing companies and individuals to prepare.

Each of these players was level 5. Two hours into release, this would be considered at the apex. However, they didn't think so after hearing the announcement…

[Congratulations to Soul Taker for slaying Level 15 Boss, Gray Wolf King!]

They were just about to find another wolf, but when the members of Phoenix Devils heard this announcement they froze in shock. Although they knew that they were experts and had fantastic teamwork to go along with it, they were well aware that facing a boss at this moment in the game was suicide. To actually slay a level 15 Boss when even top-tier experts such as them hadn't even made it to level 6 or 7 was ridiculous. An expert who could do so could either be a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy. Wordlessly, they looked at each other and nodded with solemn expressions.

Even many other powerhouses in the real world were interested in this Soul Taker.


An average player would need to team up with many others to take down the Wolf King, and it would be considered fast if it took 30 minutes.

However, in Liao Feng's eyes, this lord of the Beginner's Village was merely a larger wolf, and he took it down in less than two hours of game release!

Now that the wolves guarding the entrance were dealt with, Liao Feng moved his sight towards the entrance of the cave and couldn't help but laugh in delight.

The Divine Ring was in there! The Ring of Life! It was shown that its owner would be granted a stupid amount of health regeneration as well as an increase in health and a large exp boost. Well, these were some rare bonuses many accessories gave, a fair amount of other rings or necklaces also had the same benefits, but the Ring of Life was Divine Tier Ring! Obviously, its benefits would be far better in quality.

However, the main importance was that it had a unique passive ability. An ability called Immortality. Apparently, this ability granted the owner an infinite amount resurrections with no penalties as well as gaining a gigantic amount of extra stats per level.

When the ring's properties were shown by the developers online, all of Legacy of Gods went crazy. This level of insanity created by an item only happened 7 other times. And all of them were Divine items! This alone can show how broken Divine items are.

And here is Liao Feng, merely moments away from acquiring such a game-breaking item.

Liao Feng began entering the cave and saw that it was bright due to crystals illuminating from all sides.

When items were available to be stored, mined, or showed quest properties, an indicator would appear, but these crystals weren't. A vast majority of players merely thought this was just the home of the wolves and didn't find it interesting enough to explore. But when they did, it was only brief, so, finding the ring would be impossible. Plus, it wasn't a matter of looking for it.

A minor few would thoroughly explore the cave in case of treasure, but the ring wasn't just simply hidden upon a large pile of crystals, no, the Ring of Life was separated into many parts, each part disguised as Crystal Bugs flying around the cave. After all, if the ring that embodied life couldn't disguise itself as a living crystal bug, would it even be called the Ring of Life?

Crystal Bugs were the size of fireflies. They weren't mobs, but non-hostile creatures. They couldn't be attacked.

The only way to receive the Ring of Life was to have the Crystal Bugs come together. Afterward, the Ring of Life would automatically fuse together, but it would take a few hours to do so. If it weren't for these few hours, the person who discovered it would've been easily one of the strongest players.

However, Liao Feng, a regressor with skills considered godly of this time, as well as being several levels ahead of everyone else in the very first hours of game release, defending the Ring for these few hours would be as easy as eating food or drinking water.

Before that, was to bring these disguised Crystal Bugs together. Crystal Bugs were essentially fireflies in real life. Communicators of light. By simply moving a few crystals into position to reflect light off one another that gave the sign of "Come here," to the Crystal Bugs, they would naturally move over which would cause the fusion of the bugs to commence. No one would ever do something so random, which was why it was so well hidden for 6 years.

Liao Feng tilted some crystals here and there and immediately, a swarm of Crystal Bugs came over, enveloping the cave in a brighter light, almost blinding Liao Feng which caused him to close his eyes instinctively.

Immediately afterward, he heard a system notification.

[Beginning Ring of Life fusion. Time left: 5:59:59]

He couldn't help but smirk hearing it.

(AN: 1750+ Words. Usually, I aim to have 1,000-1,500. Just an FYI. Sometimes I go over 1,500 like this one lol.)


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