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VRMMO: Becoming the Famed Sword God
Author :DJason
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3 Overpowered

On the forums…

"Yo, who is this Soul Taker expert? Slaying the Gray Wolf King in like what, 2 hours? Lol, wtf is this?"

"We might be witnessing the rise of a legend here guys!"

"Nah loser above, must be a fluke lol. Bet the boss is probably killable by anyone."

"@abovemessage, aye wym bro? Have you even seen the other wolves surrounding the wolf king? Like a huge pack of elites X_X. Defeating one is hard enough, but defeating over twenty plus the boss? Like dood. Ur drunk if you tryna downgrade Soul Taker like that"

(AN: This is in internet spelling/language. Obviously, my actual writing won't be like that lol.)

All over the forums, the whole community of gamers from Legacy of Gods were discussing in a storm of messages. Who was Soul Taker? What level is he? What kind of backing does he have? Is he going to create a guild?

If the leaderboards for levels were out, everyone would have been in quite a shock. Liao Feng was already level 12 and this number was only going to continue skyrocketing once he receives the exp boost from the ring.

Liao Feng looked at the 6 hours slowly reducing from the timer and decided to farm in the meanwhile to level 15. Afterward, he would log off for the day.

For the next two hours, Liao Feng continued to kill level 10 elite wolves or any mob he found within the vicinity of the cave. He was now level 17. Leveling was getting slower and slower.

Just as Liao Feng was about to continue on to kill the next wolf, he saw a group of five professionals, each wearing full sets of level 5 gray wolf gear.

Their names were hidden, but Liao Feng had an intuitive feeling they were professionals, either in his previous life, current, or even both.

Liao Feng subconsciously looked at his skill bar, seeing that there was nothing there, he shrugged. He wasn't going to need to use skills anyways. With his full set of level 10 elite gray wolf gear as well as the level gap, winning with brute power was but an easy task.

He stood still in front of the cave, sword sheathed by his side and waited for the group of five to approach.

As the five got closer, they noticed a figure standing in front of the cave, arms crossed staring right back at them. He looked to be 5'11, a somewhat decent looking face and lean yet strong build, but his very calm demeanor seemed to be the most unique trait about him. However, his equipment and name were what shocked them the most.

"Soul Taker!" there was a collective gasp. Not even a day into the game and the name Soul Taker was already famous. After all, being the first to slay the Gray Wolf King, the boss of the Beginners Village so quickly, was quite a feat.

Not only that, his equipment was the full set of level 10 elite gray wolf gear! This group of five only farmed up to level 9, at most. Level 10 Elite gray wolves were on a different scale of power from level 9 gray wolves.

At this stage in the game, Soul Taker might as well be a god. The five players looked at the player in the middle. Seeing his peers beckoning him to go forward and introduce them, the middle-aged man in the middle can only accept.

He walked forward, greeting Liao Feng amicably.

"Greetings expert Soul Taker. We are a group of professional gamers known as Phoenix Devils from the Reptillian Riches Financial Company, we didn't expect to see an expert such as yourself here."

Liao Feng disinterestedly stared at the middle-aged man as he greeted, but when he heard, "Phoenix Devils," and "Reptillian Riches," he couldn't help but smile.

'Phoenix Devils were top-tier experts back then, and yet, here they are now, greeting me as if I'm a respected senior.' Liao Feng couldn't help but think proudly.

"Likewise. For you to also be deep into the gray wolf forest is astonishing in itself. As for why I am here, I am just farming the wolves in this clearing. I don't like the terrain of the forest."

Liao Feng had no reason to reveal why he was waiting here. As long as they didn't provoke him nor plan on entering the cave, there would be no problems.

The members of the Phoenix Devils weren't dumb and knew he had a reason for staying here, but didn't question it. It would be best to be on good terms with such an expert like him instead.

"Ah, I see. Well, we'll be off to level somewhere else. We wouldn't want to intrude in your leveling spot, but if you ever need something, feel free to ask. There are many other professional gamers in the Reptillian Riches Financial Company that will band together to form a guild. Your presence would be very much welcomed."

Like that, the middle-aged man led the Phoenix Devils away from the cave entrance, but not before trying to show some goodwill. They hoped that if he should ever grow stronger and stronger, Liao Feng would at least think of joining the guild created by Reptillian Riches due to their goodwill.

Nodding to their farewell, Liao Feng didn't really take their invitation to heart and continued to level for the next four hours. He was now level 21.

In his inventory, he had a surplus amount of silver coins, elite and normal gray wolf material, as well as a fang of the Wolf King. In the previous life, the value of elite and normal gray wolf wasn't as high as later in the game due to the fact that the hidden repeatable quest for turning in gray wolf material wasn't found out until later.

However, Liao Feng being someone who got sent back in time, hidden quests like these were in abundance. If estimated, his level would reach level 28 if he turned in all the materials.

In addition…

[Divine Tier Ring: Ring of Life | Acquired!]

[Ring of Life]

This ring holds the power of the gods and their divine power. The wielder of this ring will receive such powers.


-Gain 10X Experience Boost.

-Gain 10X Stat Points for every level.

-Gain 10X Health | (310) → (3100)

-Gain 10X Health Regeneration | (0.3%/Sec) -> (3%/Sec)

Unique Ability: Immortality

Immortality - As the owner of the Ring of Life, you are granted the unique ability of Immortality. With Immortality, there will never be a penalty for dying as you never really die. Also, if you wait one minute after being defeated in battle (health drops to zero), you may resurrect with 10% of your health and mana left with [Weak] debuff for a few hours. This resurrection to where you fell is optional and has unlimited uses.

Unique Title: Demigod

Demigod - A demigod is a being who is a half human, half god. Demigods are beings who demand respect everywhere.

+100 Influence in all areas]

Turning in the quest with 10X Experience Boost… this would be ridiculous. However, that wasn't the only reason why this Ring was so overpowered.

"Gain 10X Stat Points for every level." If you gained 1 stat point for every level, then with this ring equipped, you would be gaining 10 instead. With this ring, you are basically leveling 10 times every time you level once.

"Gain 10X Health" is ridiculous in itself. If a Tank was level 21 like Liao Feng, at the very most, he or she would have 900 health. On the other hand, with 10X Health, Liao Feng would be a swordsman with the health of a boss level monster, in the thousands.

"Gain 10X Health Regeneration" has to be one of the strongest parts of this ring. Normally, it would take a regular player a little bit more than five minutes to regenerate to maximum health, but with 10X Health Regeneration, it would take Liao Feng a mere 30 seconds. Although taking five minutes to regenerate to maximum health might seem short, many things could happen in five minutes, especially during battle.

Each second counts in battle and so if Liao Feng manages to get a few seconds to heal, he would have already mitigated several hundreds of health points. One has to know, the highest level tank equipped with decent gear at this phase of the game would probably have only 500 to 600 health, but Liao Feng could regenerate that amount in seconds.

However, the one property that made this Ring of Life so especially broken has to be the Unique Ability: Immortality. If an ordinary player died, they would lose 10% of their experience, which will be a crucial penalty late game. However, with this ring, there will be no such death penalty. And the most important part of the Immortality ability is the ability to resurrect mid-battle. Although it is a revival to 10% of your maximum health and mana with a [Weak] debuff, the use of it is unlimited. Farming bosses hundreds of levels above you could be a cakewalk, though it might take a lot of time.

Not only that, but a title is granted to the owner: Demigod!

An increase in influence by 100 is… stupid. There are different levels of influence and 100 immediately reaches the highest level!

Neutral to Friendly to Intimate to Respect to Admiration to Worship.

At 100 influence, everyone shall worship you, meaning acquiring free items from the strict NPCs might even be possible as well as NPCs willingly hand their hidden quests to you on a silver platter! Preferential treatment will come to you automatically!

In short, this ring is overpowered as fuck and Liao Feng would only further distance himself from every player, expert or not with these benefits. The immediate one would be turning in the hidden repeatable quests which would definitely power level him to the very least, level 40.

The highest level player right now most likely didn't even reach 15.

(AN: 1650+ Words. Not bad. Sorry for the semi-info dump. Just trying to set the foundation of "Stupidly Overpowered" :P. Sorry if this wasn't that well-written. Wrote this at 2 AM in the morning. I'm ded rn X_X. Might edit chapter tomorrow.)


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