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VRMMO: Becoming the Famed Sword God
Author :DJason
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4 Auntie Yan

After finally achieving what he came here for, Liao Feng went to look for a safe spot before logging off.


Taking off the full-dive helmet, Liao Feng let loose a sigh of relief. This situation still felt somewhat unreal. Of the 8 Divine Tier equipment, one was already in his hands.

While he was indulging in his own achievements, he received knock on his apartment door.

Liao Feng felt a slight sense of deja vu hearing that knock. He knew who it was.

He strode towards the door with a happy yet sad smile on his face and opened it to see a kind looking, auntie in her mid-40s. This woman was Lai Yan, a person who he was indebted to in both lives. Literally, and morally.

"Hello there my lovely Feng'er, I have the money for your rent and living costs this mo-"

In front of this woman, his calm facade was no more and he immediately went to hug her while she was talking, surprising her as well.

"Auntie! I'm so glad to see you again!"

In the previous timeline, his auntie, Liao Yan took care of him during his childhood after his parents died, making her his second mom. When he was old enough, he decided he wanted to live in his own apartment for a while, taking care of himself, paying his own rent, but he never did so for quite a bit of time and his auntie had to continue paying for him. Although she had no problem with that, he did. As a man, he felt shameful to have his auntie play for his expenses.

However, after he started making a decent amount of money through Legacy of Gods, he was glad to say that he could finally repay his auntie for all the hardships she went through for him, but she already died of a disease long before he could. If only he had the money back then, she wouldn't have died, but this time, it would be different.

Looking at his auntie, Liao Feng couldn't help but smile in shame. However, his auntie was still confused, yet happy in his embrace. Back then, Liao Feng was disgusted with himself and didn't dare to do much in his auntie's presence, making her feel sad as well. As someone who took care of Liao Feng for so long and watched him grow up to a fine young man, feeling distanced made her very heartbroken.

No matter what Liao Feng did, she would love him unconditionally.

After the loving hug that Liao Feng missed from apart of his heart, he felt much better and stared at his auntie with fierce determination in his eyes.

"Auntie Yan, please, I beg of you, please, keep the money for this month and for every month onward. I promise you, I will make it up to you for all the hardships I shouldered upon you. By next month, I will be giving you millions, I swear."

Shocked at his unexpected statement, Liao Yan didn't know what to say, but could only say this with a tearful smile,

"You're a stupid boy. I care for you, so accept my care like you would years ago. And how are you going to be making millions in a month? You're clearly dreaming."

Although her words might seem harsh, she was almost crying due to his determination to make her life better. For a long time, she felt that she wouldn't feel the love from the Little Liao Feng she felt years ago, but now that thought was no longer there.

She was glad about his thought of helping her. However, she didn't really believe he could carry out what he said, but it is the thought that counts after all.

Liao Feng shook his head, trying to assure her that will happen.

"Auntie Yan, I've been recently getting into this new game called Legacy of Gods and I've found out that I'm pretty good at it. There is a currency exchange system as well as unofficial offers outside the game such as sponsorships, and tournaments. I guarantee that I can at least make a hundred thousand yuan in a month."

Feeling a little convinced, Liao Yan smiled lovingly and shook her head.

"I don't care about the money, you should know that by now. As long as we can be a happy family, then I don't care about what happens. Now lets come inside. I'm sure you're still eating those unhealthy instant cup noodles. They will give you cancer!"

She led him inside and was shocked to see the clean room. Although he didn't have much time to clean, after living in a larger house alone, cleaning efficiently became natural to Liao Feng.

Liao Yan once more looked at her nephew in happiness, feeling that he was growing up faster than ever.

"Alright Little Feng, Auntie will be making you some food, so you go on and do whatever before coming for dinner."

She shooed him off and started preparing something for Liao Feng and her in joy.

"No Auntie Yan, I can cook. How about you take a rest this time? You must be tired after coming here."

After living alone for a while, at the very least, he can cook a good meal.

Liao Yan was a little surprised. Liao Feng never cooked!

She laughed in denial, "There is no way you can cook Little Feng, now go off and let Auntie cook!"

But Liao Feng wasn't having any of it. He forcefully led her to the couch, sat her down, and went off to make something.


Liao Yan left after talking and having a wonderful meal with Liao Feng, she was still astonished at his cooking. Even hers wasn't much better! What happened in the recent month?

However, one thing was certain, having such a kind, loving, and caring nephew like Liao Feng was amazing.


After dinner with his Auntie, Liao Feng felt especially spirited and did more reps than normal. Although he wasn't very successful financially in his previous life, or currently in his current life, he at the very least kept in good shape. A lean build with compact muscles.

After exercising and showering, he decided to go to sleep. He wasn't in a hurry to level. He was already way ahead. By morning, the rich power levelers or experts would at most be in the 20s, but if Liao Feng turned in the gray wolf material for the hidden repeatable quests along with the 10X Experience Boost from the Ring of Life, he would skyrocket to the 40s. Plus, the open world wouldn't unlock until morning and Liao Feng didn't feel like waiting.

[AN: Word count, 1100+ Not as much as previous chapters but enough xd]


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