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VRMMO: Becoming the Famed Sword God
Author :DJason
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5 Second Day

Liao Feng woke up with more energy than usual. Why? It was Day 2 of the game's opening which meant the open world would be unlocked! However, Liao Feng was in no hurry. After obtaining the Divine Ring of Life, he could breathe and still remain the strongest.

He went to wash up and get ready for the day. After completing his daily routine, he began to do some light exercises before checking the forums.

[Yo! God Soul Taker finally got dethroned after 8 hours of the opening of the leaderboards and the open world!]

[Well no shit dumbass post above! He probably went to sleep! Why would God Soul Taker need to play 24/7 to be a top player! I bet he's going to log back on and take over the leaderboard again!]

[Lol yeah right fanboy ^, Soul Taker might've just gotten lucky and found a leveling glitch the early game. Now that it's patched by the developers, he might've just quit!]

[I don't think a glitch in this world-wide phenomenon game would be possible bro...]

As Liao Feng was scrolling through the forums, he wasn't surprised to see that someone overtook his level. The real shock would be maintaining their position after he turned in the hidden repeatable quests.

He saw an image of the current level leaderboards.

[Level Leaderboards]

[Rank #1 - Freezing Wind - Level 22]

[Rank #2 - Soul Taker - Level 21]

[Rank #3 - Last Wave - Level 20]

[Rank #4 - Heaven's Wheel - Level 20]

[Rank #5 - Fiery Gaze - Level 20]

[Rank #6 - Immortal Chen - Level 20]

[Rank #7 - Demon Smile - Level 20]

[Rank #8 - Senile Scrub - Level 19]

[Rank #9 - I Disdain - Level 19]
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[Rank #10 - Wealthy Winner - Level 19]

The leaderboards would be ranked by whoever has the highest levels, then the next positions would be whoever reached the level first.

Feeling the need to make his reign over this globalized game ever more dominant, Liao Feng excitedly wore the VR headset.


As Liao Feng saw the familiar surroundings of the wolf forest, he immediately dashed towards the exit, ready to once again explore the open world but this time, not as a newbie, but as a powerful veteran.

However, before that, he headed towards the Beginners Village in order to turn in the hidden repeatable quests of collecting gray wolf material.

As he was walking back to the Beginners Village, he decided to check his stat points.


[Strength: 21]

[Endurance: 21]

[Intelligence: 21]

[Agility: 21]

[Stat Points: 210]

Liao Feng couldn't help but laugh aloud when he saw his surplus amount of Stat Points to use. This was an equivalent amount of stat points of leveling 52 times! For every level, a player would gain 1 stat point into each stat. 1 extra stat point would be given to the player to help focus their class. A level 20 player would have 20 extra stat points, but for Liao Feng, he would have 200 extra stat points.

This Divine Ring truly was a game-breaking item.

Without hesitation, Liao Feng spread out his points just because he had way too many that it didn't matter whether he focused a specific stat or not and because he was a healthy human gamer that preferred stats with the same numbers.

[Strength: 73]

[Endurance: 73]

[Intelligence: 73]

[Agility: 73]

[Stat Points: 2]

Liao Feng now had stats equivalent to a level 73, at level 21. He decided not to use the rest 2 simply because he didn't want to break the unity between the stats.

Feeling a rush of power flow through his body, Liao Feng leaned forward and sprinted at breakneck speeds passing through the influx of many new players joining the farm of gray wolves every second. He hopped over the Beginners Village walls which were more like a city and ran over the buildings.

Some keen-sighted individuals merely saw his nametag in that blur of speed. They were shocked, to say the least.

"S-Soul Taker?! He's in our village!" they exclaimed!

Of course, the person that has been the center of discussion recently could care less, simply looked over the buildings in the exceedingly large village before heading towards a building entrance in a dark alley.

Liao Feng dropped down in the middle of the alley and slowly strode forwards, approaching the metal door.

As he neared the door, he felt a faint amount of killing intent emitting from inside. A message flashed in front of his eyes.

[Killing Intent Resisted]

Seeing this, he grinned. This was a debuff that caused [Fear]. Only those level 15 and higher could resist it. In terms of game lore, this place was deadly. However, for the level 21 stacked Liao Feng, this was nothing.

Now Liao Feng was merely 2 feet away from the metal door. He stopped where he was and stood there for a moment.

Then, Liao Feng heard a deep voice from inside.

"State your qualifications."

Liao Feng smiled confidently, gazing at the maxed out [Influence] bar at the top right of his vision. He then crossed his hands behind his back before saying,

"Demigod Liao Feng has arrived."


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