Withhold the Truth
3 How Can This Be?
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Withhold the Truth
Author :DaisyPlum1678ILove
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3 How Can This Be?

Zentaro POV

How can this be? How can she have the same name as my childhood friend. It's not possible maybe they just have the same name from a coincidence and maybe he took her name, just to tease me. Why would he tease me, he told me how much fun he was having with me. What should I do...follow her and make this right, that's what u will do. I begin to follow her out the room she walks outside and I continue to follow but from a distance. I'm not really sure why, but she hasn't noticed. She stops and turns around and says " Why are you following me". I was shocked could she hear me all this time. I walk towards her and she looks down and her hair covers her eye. I ask her " Are you friends with a boy named Fumiko" she says nothing for a while and the replies with " No I am the boy Fumiko". What how could she be Fumiko, the BOY Fumiko. I tell her that I want proof and she smiles brightly and says " I've missed you Zenny". How could she know that the nickname he gave me was Zenny. That impossible, I give it a minute of silence and I look up to her and only say how. She then walked towards me and explained how her mother made her dress like a boy when she was younger and even explained why she gave me the name. "I couldn't pronounce Zentaro so I only said Zenny and it turned out to be a cute name" I stared at her and looked her up and down and said "What happened". She just walked away, I followed her until she turned around and said " If you don't leave me alone Zenny I will yell that you are stalking me". I couldn't believe it she threathed me, out of all the people in the world ME. I walk away back to the house to see my family getting in the car, I run to the car to go home, finally after a terrible day everything is over. Until my family explains how I will have to spend the rest of the year at her house, to train to be a family. Why would I need to train, my family has no faith in me what so ever. I have to spend the rest of the year with my crush that happen to be a girl the whole time. I can't believe this is happening to me. "Why Me" I scream out the window as my family tells me to shut up because it is now 9 o'clock at night.


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