You Of All People
161 Father *unedited
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You Of All People
Author :YoureMySun
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161 Father *unedited

A plane skidded across the runway blanketed by darkeness as the vessel follow the long string of guiding lights lining up to both sides of the road. 

When the wheels made contact with the ground the first time, it left tire tracks and a smell of burning rubber from friction. 

The plane slowly decelerated as it reached the other end if the runway. The pilot meticulously drove the plane and parked it inside a privately-owned hangar in the National Airport.

After the plane parked successfully, the stairs was carefully positioned by the door and the path leading downward was covered with the red carpet that the airport staff rolled out beforehand. 

And to show the greatest hospitality and reverence to the sole passenger of the plane, the staff and higher-ups of the airport orderly fell in line at each side of the carpet and bowed respectfully to welcome the esteemed guess. They executed the set of the said actions so professionally as if they did that out of habit.

After a few minutes, a man wearing a black double long trench coat, black slacks and white shirt alighted from the plane. As he exited the plane, a sudden wind rushed up to him and ruffled his hair. The man run his fingers through his hair and searched his pocket to get his phone.

Coincidentally just as he was about to unlock his phone, it beeped. Indicating that he just received a new message. When he got down the stairs and walked on the ret carpet, ge was followed by another man. Who seems to be walking just two meters behind the man intentionally.

"Alfred she replied" King smiled as he found himself filled with hope and anticipation of what might the message contain.

"What does it says Young Master?" politely asked Alfred without looking up from his tablet as he was coordinating with different groups of people related to the company, the event and the Villa team.

King hurriedly unlocked his phone and read the content aloud, just loud enough for the both of them to hear. 

"[I will think about it]"

Those were the few words the message contained which brought great excitement and bliss to King's lonesome heart. 

"Alfred, what shall I wear tonight? I really hope she comes. Did I forget anything Alfred?" nervously asked King as he got conscious of his appearance.

"Everything's already been taken care of Young Master. But if I may offer you some words Young Master? It maybe a bit hurtful to hear" cautiously asked Alfred while observing carefully King's emotional state.

"You can always be honest with me Alfred. You took great care of me and watched me grow up. I never knew who my father was but for me, you are the closest thing to a father that I ever had" sincerely said King while facing Alfred.

"Um, you see Young Master. I think it'll be much better for you if you don't expect anything" carefully worded Alfred as he placesd his tablet down. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Why is that?" curiously asked King as he cant stop looking at her message.

"Because she had failed and disappointed you countless of times" solemnly conveyed Alfred while gazing directly in King's eyes.


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