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Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband
Author :mynovel20
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847 Silly Old Man...

When Lu Lijun reached inside the Mansion, Lu Lijun saw the entire hall was filled with the guests. From the dressing style, he could guess everyone belonged to the royal families. 

A middle-aged man came to them as he greeted An Tian, "Nice to see you back here, Christian."

"Nice to see you too, uncle," An Tian greeted back while Lu Lijun thought about why the man called An Tian as Christian.

I hope, this time, you will stay back," the middle-aged man added. 

Not commenting on it, An Tian just smiled, and the man continued, "Seems like you will return. I can only wish you good luck."

"Thank you, uncle."

The middle-aged man left, and An Tian looked at Lu Lijun, "He is my mother's cousin."


Knowing what Lu Lijun waBritishing, An Tian informed, "My British name is Christian. In my Chinese, I kept only the second half part of it- Tian and I use my father's last name- An, instead of my mother's."

"An Tian!" Lu Lijun mumbled as he added, "An means peace and Tian means sky or Heaven."

"I will prefer the sky as heaven is a heavy word for me. Peaceful sky- I want to be. Doesn't it sound good?" An Tian asked.

"Hmm!" Lu Lijun agreed.

Noah, who was with Jake, came to Lu Lijun as he felt awkward among all the guests who came to wish Jake and Noah didn't know what to do. 

"Thank god, you are back, Lijun, or I was lost here."


"By the way, how do you know Jake's brother?" Noah asked. 

He is my elder brother's friend," Lu Lijun replied, and An Tian nodded, agreeing to it as he looked at Noah. 

"That's cool. Just like Jake, you too have an elder brother. I don't have one," Jake commented, a little sadness evident in his eyes. 

Lu Lijun didn't talk further that his brother was not with him now and just nodded. 

An Tian noticed it and diverted the topic, "Noah, you can call me elder brother if you want."

"B-brother? But you are a prince and…"

"It's okay, trust me!" An Tian assured, and Noah smiled, "Okay then, elder brother."

The party was over. Dropping Noah home in the evening, Lu Lijun returned home. He was never close to An Tian and treated him just as his doctor or his elder brother's friend, but that day he felt good seeing An Tian suddenly as if he met someone his own. 

After knowing about An Tian, he had nothing else but respect for him, and no doubt An Tian was a good person as his elder brother Lu Qiang never allowed anyone to be his friend so easily. 

Lu Lijun remembered how nicely Lu Qiang and An Tian treated each other, though, to outsiders, it looked like they mocked each other. What memorable days they had, but now everything just left as memories.


Zhang Wei's resident. 

At midnight, an elder Man was crying and sobbing like a kid as he lay in the bed holding the photographs in his hands. Continuous apologetic mumbling could be heard between the sobs. 

"Fangsu...forgive me…." 

Time passed by, the door of the apartment opened, and a young man entered. Seeing all the lights turned off, he realized the house owner was sleeping, and he should not make a sound and disturb him. 

Grabbing the water bottle from the refrigerator, the young man stepped towards his room with light footsteps. While passing across Zhang Wei's room, he thought to take a look at the older man to check on him and opened the door to get a shock of his life. 

"Uncle…" Exclaiming, the young man ran towards his uncle, who lay on the floor unconscious. 

The young man tried to wake up his uncle, "Uncle, wake up." He looked scared, seeing his uncle unconscious and dialed the emergency number. 

Once he called for the ambulance, he looked around and saw the empty bottle of sleeping pills lying on the floor beside his uncle that it scared him even more, thinking if his uncle had tried to do something but shook his head thinking it can't be. 

"Why the hell did you….." the words choked in his throat as he looked at his uncle helplessly. 

Soon the ambulance arrived and took Zhang Wei to the hospital. 

"Rusheng, what happened?" asked Ming Yusheng, who the left home with his wife Zhang Jei the moment their son Ming Rusheng informed them. 

"I don't know, father. When I went to uncle's home, he was lying on the floor unconscious," Ming Rusheng replied, the worry evident on his face. 

"He would be fine," said Zhang Jei, trying to act strong, but somewhere she knew what it must be. 

When the doctors finished their work and came out of the patient's room, he informed, "He had a high dose of sleeping pills. We had extracted it from his stomach, and he is safe, but it will take time for him to wake up."

Others gave out a sigh of relief, and the doctor left, permitting them to see the patient. 

Zhang Wei was on the bed, his face looked pale, eyes had shadows under them, and his lips turned dry. 

Sitting at the edge of the bed, Ming Rusheng held his uncle's hand as his eyes turned moist. 

"Silly old man. Why did you do this?"

Ming Yusheng patted his son's shoulder to calm him down, "Let him rest. We can talk to him once he is awake. Till then, one of us has to be with him."

"I will stay, both of you can go back home," Zhang Jei said. 

Though she felt bad seeing her brother like this, she was not as worried as her son and her husband. For her, Zhang Wei was a sinner to her family, and that won't let her show sympathy towards him. 

"No, mother. Let me stay here," Ming Rusheng insisted. 

Before Zhang Jei could say anything, her husband spoke as he looked at her, "Let him stay here. We can come back tomorrow."

Zhang Jei agreed and left with her husband. She knew her son was close to his uncle and was an important person for him, so she had no other option but to listen to him. 


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