Wanting 曲婉婷 - Everything In The World (Asia/Version)


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Actor / Artist : Wanting
Format : CD
Barcode : 0602537066261
Language : Cantonese
Subtitle :
Genre Type : Pop
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Disc Quantity : 1
Synopsis :
"01. Life Is Like A Song
02. Drenched
03. Anxiety
04. Hideaway
05. Hand Hold
06. Jar Of Love
07. Star In You
08. Shell
09. Everything In The World
10. 承认-Admit
11. 今天-Today
12. 我的歌声里-You Exist In My Song
13. 快活-Thrilled
14. 没有什么不同-Not That Different
15. 你准备好了吗-Are You Ready
16. 我的歌声里(Demo Version)-You Exist In My Song (Demo Version)
"Hailing from China’s northeastern city Harbin, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Wanting Qu is the first Chinese musician signed by Canada’s top indie record label Nettwerk Music. Even before her debut, Wanting has had three songs picked up by an automobile giant as their promo songs. She has recently gained more exposure thanks to the Hong Kong romantic comedy movie Love in the Buff, which features her Drenched as its theme song. The beautiful ballad is found on Wanting’s first full-length English album Everything in the World, as are the first single Life is Like a Song, the Mandarin hit You Exist in My Song and its demo version.
每一个人最真实的魅力,原自梦想。一位来自东北的女孩,16岁只身负笈加拿大,完成父母的期待,毕业后毅然决定选择自己心中的向往,往音乐的方向前进。凭借着儿时学习的钢琴基础,和自学的吉他,2005年开始词曲创作的历程,为了实现自己的音乐梦想。在2009年独立制作EP,曲婉婷用她带有磁性浑厚的嗓音与直击人心的创作,为她自己赢得一纸Sarah M cLachlan,D ido,Coldplay的经纪公司Nettewerk的合约,成为New公司首位签约华人歌手,曲婉婷展开音乐人生,往自己的梦想,大步迈进。2012年无疑是曲婉婷歌唱生涯大跃进的一年,继4月在加拿大与美国发行专辑,2012年7月5号曲婉婷<我的歌声里—Everything In The World>,全亚洲同步发行。"

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