Andy Lau 劉德華 - Unforgettable


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Actor / Artist : Andy Lau
Format : CD+DVD
Barcode : 4897013004158
Language : Cantonese / Mandarin
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Genre Type : Pop
Region :
Disc Quantity : 2
Synopsis :
"CD 1 (粵語)
01. 人辦
02. 阿信的故事
03. 信自己
04. 天籟…星河傳說
05. 蔓珠莎華
06. 最愛是誰
07. Stand Up
08. 一生何求
09. 忘不了你
10. 漫步人生路
11. I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

CD 2 (國語)
01. 掌聲響起
02. 被遺忘的時光
03. 三月裡的小雨
04. 大眼睛
05. 踏浪
06. 孤兒淚
07. 北國之春之榕樹下之故鄉的雨
08. 巧合
09. 小丑
10. 總有一天等到你
11. 珍愛舞台

Bonus CD
01. 地球的心聲 (粵)
02. 熱血英雄 (粵)
03. “荊”喜 (粵)
04. 海闊天空 一路是藍 (國)
05. 母親 (國)
06. 澳門之歌 (國)
07. Slip Away (英)
08. 海闊天空 一路是藍 (國) (劉德華+Andox+Box合唱)
09. 悟 (電影 [新少林寺] 主題曲)

01. 地球的心聲 (MV)
02. 人辦 (MV)
03. I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (MV)
04. 最愛是誰 (MV)
05. 孤兒淚 (MV)
06. 大眼睛 (MV)
07. 踏浪 (MV)
08. 掌聲響起 (MV)
09. 海闊天空 一路是藍 (MV)
10. 母親 (MV)
11. 澳門之歌 (MV)
12. 珍愛舞台 (MV)
13. 海闊天空 一路是藍 (劉德華+Andox+Box合唱) (MV)
14. 悟 (電影 [新少林寺] 主題曲) (MV)
"Around 30 years ago Andy Lau joined TVB for a meteoric rise to stardom and today he is still one of the biggest and most renowned entertainers throughout Asia. To celebrate this marvelous milestone, the evergreen Hong Kong superstar is holding his latest concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum at the end of 2010, and coming shortly before that, a new album that he's long wanted to do. Rather than a retrospective collection of his own hits, Andy delivers a cover album paying tribute to the great singers of the 1970-90s, but it's no less personal for him, for the songs he chose to cover are those that meant a lot to him.
Unforgettable comes on two CDs, each containing 10 cover songs. Disc 1 houses the Cantonese songs, including the humorous first plug ""Role Model"" (originally by Sam Hui), ""What One Seeks in Life"" (Danny Chan), ""Manjusaka"" (Anita Mui), ""Can't Forget You"" (Alan Tam), and Stand Up (Leslie Cheung). Disc 2 holds the Mandarin numbers, including ""Orphan Tears"" (Teresa Teng), ""Big Eyes"" (Frankie Kao), ""Drizzle in March"" (Liu Wen Zheng), and ""Forgotten Times"" (Tsai Chin). A nice thing about Unforgettable is that on top of the classic covers, it also offers 2 brand-new original songs, namely the concert theme songs I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (Cantonese) and ""Cherish the Stage"" (Mandarin). Another nice thing about Unforgettable is that it comes with a bonus DVD with 4 music videos, including ""Role Model"" featuring Sammi Cheng, MC Jin, Chapman To, and Ekin Cheng, and ""Orphan Tears"" directed by Ann Hui, the helmer of Andy's debut film Boat People. The Special Edition comes with the following bonus items: Bonus CD with 9 new songs, including the Shaolin movie theme song ""Realization""
DVD with 14 music videos, including that of ""Realization""
踏入演藝生命的第30個年頭,2010年劉德華推出全新國粵語專輯《Unforgettable 忘不了的》,並將於12月20日至2011年1月6日舉辦共18場《劉德華Unforgettable演唱會2010》,演繹誇年的演唱會主題曲「I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye」和國語版「珍愛舞台」。華仔在雙CD重唱70、80年代的經典國、粵語金曲,包括許冠傑的「人辦」、鄧麗君「孤兒淚」、梅艷芳「蔓珠莎華」、陳百強「一生何求」、張國榮「Stand Up」、沈雁「踏浪」、鳳飛飛「掌聲響起」、高凌風「大眼睛」,其他還有譚詠麟、翁倩玉、林子祥、關正傑、劉文正與蔡琴的歌曲,向30年來的華人歌手巨星致敬。 現在加推30周年特別版3CD + DVD,除了以原裝2CD+八首新歌Bonus CD+加送九首全新MV的DVD發行,另隨碟特別收錄︰華仔主演電影《新少林寺》的主題曲「悟」和MV,合總共31首歌曲+14首MV。 "

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