Xu Zheng, Wang Bao Qiang 徐崢, 王寶強 - Lost In Thailand


Product Info :
Actor / Artist : Xu Zheng, Wang Bao Qiang
徐崢, 王寶強
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4734222890014
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese, English, Malay
Genre Type : Comedy, Adventure
Region : NTSC ALL
Disc Quantity : 1
Label : PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Synopsis :
" 商業成功人士徐朗(徐崢飾)用了五年時間發明了一種叫“油霸”的神奇產品,每次汽車加油只需加到三分之一,再滴入兩滴“油霸” ,油箱的汽油就會變成滿滿一箱。徐朗的同學兼商業競爭對手高博(黃渤飾)想把這個發明一次性賣給法國人,但徐朗堅決不同意,他希望深入開發研究,把“油霸”發揚光大,得到更遠的收益。兩個人各抒己見,爭論不休,一直無果。由於兩人股份相同,唯有得到公司最大股東周揚的授權書,方可達到各自目的。當得知周揚在泰國後,徐朗立刻啟程尋找,而高博獲悉後將一枚跟踪器放在徐朗身上一起去了泰國。飛機上,徐朗遇到了王寶(王寶強飾),別有心機地想利用他來擺脫對手高博的追趕,可他不僅沒甩掉王寶,還成了他的“貼身保姆”。究竟徐朗和高博誰會最終拿到周揚的授權書?而三個各懷目的的人,又將帶來一短如何爆笑的泰國神奇之旅?
Rival managers Xu and Bo are fighting for control of their company, and a revolutionary new technology, but time is running out. Whoever can persuade their boss to transfer his shares will secure his future... but the boss has fled to Northern Thailand. Xu catches the first plane to Bangkok, sitting next to a carefree soul called Wang. Realises that Bo has been tracking him through his smart phone, Xu slips it into Wang's luggage and catches a taxi to a small out-of-town airport. Having found Xu's phone, Wang has followed him to return it! But in their haste, both men lose something important: Xu's passport and Wang's wallet. With neither now able to fly, they decide to catch the morning train together to Chiangmai. On their journey, the two men visit temples, sample local food and take photographs as Wang fulfils his carefully planned itinerary. When their rental car breaks down, they continue on foot... eventually finding themselves lost in the jungle. When Xu discovers Wang's secret - which he is pretending to be on his honeymoon so that his ill mother can rest in peace - he begins to question his own life choices. Meanwhile, Bo is closing in... "

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