Aaron Kwok, Xia Yu 郭富城, 夏雨 - Christmas Rose


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Actor / Artist : Aaron Kwok, Xia Yu
郭富城, 夏雨
Format : DVD
Barcode : 6844221320011
Language : Cantonese
Subtitle : Chinese, English, Malay
Genre Type : Medical, Mystery, Crime
Region : NTSC ALL
Disc Quantity : 1
Label : PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Synopsis :
"陳志天 Tim(郭富城 飾)是一名堅持不為強勢、名利而屈服的律師。他在律師世家長大。在Tim十四歲那一年,他目睹自己敬仰的父親為了勝出官司而令他人含冤。從那時起,父子關係缺裂。
因為Tim不願接納某富豪欺詐股民的案件,再次與上司反目。Tim最終決定加入律政署當檢察官。但是,工作的方式、接觸的案件都與以前不同。Tim接了一单案件关于身患残疾的鋼琴教師李依晴(桂綸鎂 飾)以性侵犯指控她的私人醫生-周文瑄(張震 飾)在一次例行体检后非禮她。此案件引起全港哗然。
周文瑄的代表律師,是與Tim一樣有不敗官司、漂亮成績的薛肇文 Freddy(夏雨 飾)。但Freddy的性格與Tim剛好相反。 Tim立誓要为依晴讨回公道。当周文瑄即時被判有罪,Tim卻發現了一個非常關鍵的線索,令他開始察覺到本案并非想象般简单…。 Tim決定為無辜者爭取公義。一场关于情与法之间的决斗拉开帷幕…
Tim Chen (Aaron Kwok) is a defendant Lawyer with a heart of gold. He graduated with Honours at School of Law. His uncompromising and unrealistic character, make him refusing to be simply a hired gun for his clients. He was conflicted conscience as he quits his well-paid job to become a court Prosecutor “to convict the real criminals” for the Justice Department.
Tim meets a challenging case when a handicapped piano teacher Jane Li (Gwei Lun-mei) is accusing against her private doctor - Winston Zhou (Chang Chen), a renowned surgeon, for sexual harassment during a routine check-up in the clinic. This case caused an uproar in Hong Kong.
Dr. Zhou's defendant Lawyer, Freddy Xue (Xia Yu), had outstanding achievements and never lost a lawsuit in the Legal Profession. Freddy proves to be Tim's toughest opponent to-date. Freddy's personality just opposite with Tim.
Tim vow to seek justice for Jane. When Dr. Zhou was about sentenced to be guilty, Tim has found a very crucial clue. So he began to perceive the present case is not as simple as it looks... Tim decided to fight for justice for the innocent. A Rashomon-like mystery unfolds… "

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