Sweet Relationship


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Actor / Artist : Vic Zhou, Patty Hou, Alan Kuo, Megan Lai 周渝民, 侯佩岭, 柯有纶, 赖雅妍
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4734131710014
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
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Disc Quantity : 5
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Chang Bai Hui has a refined palate that allows her to enjoy and taste different cuisines with her father ever since young. She was once rich but now penny-less after her father has passed away. She feels depressed failing to find a job until she tasted a “golden soup” in the Little Bear restaurant which brings back fond memories of father. The soup makes her decided to work there. But, it seems to be hard as she needs to get the permission from Zhi Tian, the Chief cook of the restaurant. His parent’s tragedy makes Fang Zhi Tian unsociable to everyone. He knows that Bai Hui can’t cook. Hence, he made a condition that he will only hire her if the customers are satisfied with her dishes. Bai Hui passed the test with the help sof Zhi Tian’s student, Hippo who falls in love with Bai Hui at first sight. Although Hippo knows that Bai Hui fall for Zhi Tian, he wishes that Bai Hui will fall in love with him someday. The love triangle becomes even more complicated when Zhi Tian’s childhood friend Ke Xin falls for him. Zhi Tian takes care of Ke Xin when her family faces difficulty as a way to pay back Ke Xin’s father kindness for adopting him. They were dependant on each other. But, is that possible a love? They meet upon this restaurant and start their sweet relationship just right here...
富家千金常百惠從小跟隨父親遍嚐各地的美食,這讓她擁有敏銳的味覺。但隨著父親去世後公司經營不善,百惠頓時失去依靠。無數次的面試和工作失敗,使得百惠萬念俱灰,直到她在一家叫Little Bear的小餐廳裡嘗了一道黃金湯,找回與父親的回憶,她決定留在這裡工作,但這必須得到主廚方織田的同意。小時父母雙亡的陰影讓主廚方織田從此對人冷漠,他看穿了百惠根本不會做菜,便有意為難 -- 只要百惠能做出一道讓客人滿意的料理,他才會雇用她!河馬對百惠一見傾心,暗中幫助百惠通過測試,讓她留在Little Bear工作。河馬知道他的廚藝無法與織田師父比較,但他仍希望有一天百惠會把追隨著師父身影的目光轉移向他,況且,師父的身邊早已有了一個可欣小姐啊。可欣的父親曾暫時收養過織田,當可欣的家庭出狀況後,因著過去的情誼,織田對可欣特別照顧。他們都同樣孤獨且需要溫暖,互相依靠,但…這是愛嗎?他們因為料理而相遇,展開了他們溫暖動人的美味關係…。

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