Doraemon, Nobita 哆啦A梦, 大雄 - Nobita And The Last Haven - Animal


Product Info :
Actor / Artist : Doraemon, Nobita
哆啦A梦, 大雄
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4764323240012
Language : Mandarin, Malay
Subtitle : Mandarin, Malay
Genre Type : Comedy, Drama, Animation
Region : NTSC ALL
Disc Quantity : 1
Label : PMP Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Synopsis :
" 多啦A梦和大雄利用「时光黏贴胶」在500年前的新西兰抓到了一只巨大的灭绝之鸟「毛亚」,并要把牠带到专门收容绝种动物的「贝雷加蒙岛」。这个陌生的岛屿,拥有「黄金独角仙」所守护的不可思议力量,可以令古代生物得以继续生存至今,因而被多啦A梦美称为「奇迹之岛」。然而,在该处研究的绝种动物学家凯莉博士的助手在前往大雄家的途中,却弄错时空,误把三十年前,儿时的大雄爸爸带到「奇迹之岛」去了。他被带到「奇迹之岛」之后,记忆已不復存(被遗忘棒敲到失去记忆)。哆啦A梦等人之后还是顺利来到了贝雷加蒙岛,他们不仅在这座岛上遇见了洛可洛族长老的孙女「可洛」,还遇到了儿时的大雄爸爸。他们在这座岛屿上快乐而安逸的生活著。為了夺取黄金海格力斯的力量,邪恶商人「沙曼」开始袭击这座岛屿! 究竟多啦A梦等人是否能守护这座岛屿呢?
Nobita catches a big rhinoceros beetle, which he promises to his dad to take good care of it. Later, Doraemon's group finds a strange island where a tribe co-exists with prehistoric creatures that were thought to be completely extinct. They find that a mythical beetle spirit, Golden Hercules, was protecting this island, giving it the powers to sustain the life of prehistoric species. Yet, the group has to deal with a group of criminals from the future, who wants to possess the spirit for money and power."

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