The Lawyer


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Actor / Artist : Kim Sung-soo, Jung Hye-young, Kim Sang-ky, Han Go-eun 金成洙, 郑惠英, 金尚京, 韩高恩
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4759131060013
Language : Korean / Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Genre Type: Love Story
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Disc Quantity : 4
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A lawyer is someone who should uphold justice in the eyes of the law. But they are the ones who are weak in the " principles of capitalism" Protagonist Suh Jung-ho (Portrayed by Kim Sang-kyung), is someone who wants to uphold a fair trial. Yoon Suk-ki (Portrayed by Kim Sung-soo), the antagonist, who is opposite in his ideals; with money and power being his main objectives. The two lawyers and Kim Joo-hee, the secretary of a law firm and the ex-girlfriend of Yoon Suk-ki, are entwined in a love triangle. Joo-hee is parents were caretakes of an orphanage. Joo-hee and Suk-ki, who grew up in the orphanage were childhood sweethearts. Their relationship only came to light on the day Suk-ki passed his bar exam when he told Joo-hee is parents about it Joo-hee felt like happiest girl on Earth. But Lady Luck stopped shining on her when her parents were killed in an accident and her sister became and invalid. As if adding insult to injury, Suk-ki wanted to break-off with her upon being released by his kidnappers. Jung-ho was urged to resign while he was investigating a slush fund case. However, he is still working on this case by collecting evidence all by himself. He meets Suk-ki who returns to Korea after a three-year stint in a legal firm in the United States of America to handle the slush fund case of a South Korean client. The plot becomes more complicated as more entanglement occurred with their meeting. Upon divorcing his wife, Jung-hoo fell in love with Joo-hee. The materialistic Suk-ki eyed Joo-hee with suspicion ......
在法律的面前,律師是保護弱者、伸張正義的理想職業,但在現實中他們卻是在“資本的倫理”中相當脆弱的集體。想主持“正義的審判”的檢察官出身的律師徐貞浩(金尚京飾)是好人;跟他對立,追求金錢和權力的尹碩奇(金成洙飾)是惡人。 他、徐貞浩以及律師事務所的秘書、尹碩奇的前女友金珠希(鄭惠英飾),三個人形成了三角關係;照顧孤兒院善良的大夫夫婦的長女珠希跟孤兒院出身的碩奇是戀人關係,碩奇順利地通過司法考試的那天告訴了父母他和珠希的關係。幸福到極點的珠希,有一天突然遭遇了晴天霹靂,因為父母發生蹊蹺的交通事故而去世,妹妹變成殘疾,而且碩奇被綁架回來後,單方面通知她要和她分手。貞浩在檢察官時期因為深層調查不明鉅額財產案件而被勸告辭職,但是他一直偷偷調查那起案件,他跟3年後回來的碩奇相遇。碩奇是在美國大型律師事務所工作後,為了管理南韓顧客的鉅額財產案件而回國的。三個人見面後,劇中的矛盾糾葛逐漸進入白熱化。貞浩跟妻子離婚後真正地了解到對自己單相思的珠希的真心而逐漸愛上她,變成金錢奴隸的碩奇在猶豫不決地看著珠希......

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