Death Water


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Actor / Artist : Haruka Igawa, Alsuro Watabe, Nanase Hoshii, Mami Yamasaki
Format : DVD
Barcode : 6864220310011
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Genre Type: Horror
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Disc Quantity : 1
Synopsis :
Newspaper correspondent Kyoko Togakure (Haruka Igawa) visits a nursing home and finds a suicide dead body holding a piece of paper with the mystifying word "Death Water" written on it. Few days later, a university professor Morikawa (Yurei Yanagi) killed himself after boring out his own eyes. Kyoko met the professor at the time he was doing research on the cursed water known as "death water." Mysteriously, scribbled on all pages of MorikawaÕs notebook is the same message "Never drink death water." His death coincides with unexplainable suicides by high school students in the area. All of them complaining of an abnormal thirst and a nagging dullness before their suicides, with their eyes disabled. Kyoko found out all the suicides took place in the same areas, and these areas are rich in underground water famed to taste good. This finding has made Kyoto doubt about the safety of drinking tap water. Kyoko's ex-husband, Yuichi, is a water quality researcher laughs at her doubts. Hence, Kyoko decided to carry out the investigation herself. During her investigation, Kyoko finds out that a loop emerging on a map after connecting recent earthquakes epicenters. On the center of that loop sits Yomohira Town, which hosts a huge dam that reserves water for Tokyo residents. The earthquakes made water cloudy in the area that houses the dam. A mudslide caused by one of the earthquakes also led to the discovery of an archeological ruin in the area. Kyoko comes to the conviction that a chain of unusual events were caused by the cursed water... At the same time, Yuichi starts to feel an abnormal thirst and he decided to scarify himself to find out the truth. However, the cursed water extends its reach almost to an uncontrollable level. Worst still, Kyoko has no idea at this point the most shocking fact is just about to unfold...
單親媽媽響子(井川遙)是一名記者,獨力工作照顧孩子。一天,響子採訪一家老人院,卻發現一名老人刺破雙眼後自殺身亡的屍體,手中還握著一張寫著“水靈”的小紙片。幾天後,響子曾經採訪過的杜川教授(柳優利)自殺身亡,正研究關於“黃泉”,“死水”和“水靈”之間關係的教授,遺下的筆記里只反複寫著:“不要喝死水!” 自殺事件接二連三,死者都在自殺前一直說口渴,過後刺瞎自己雙眼後自殺,而這些事件都發生在三鷹、武藏野、調布、昭島、羽村等多是飲用井水或地下水的地區。響子的前夫岡佑一(渡部篤郎)是一名水質專家,對響子的理論不以為然,響子只好自己繼續調查。響子發現最近常發生地震的震源中心是四方平水庫,地震已使得地下水受到污染,也使附近的一處古蹟被發掘出來。佑一漸漸出現口渴,幻覺的症狀,這才感覺到自己的身體內部正悄悄地發生著變化。由於佑一早已患上絕症,為了揭開水靈的真面目,他決定犧牲自己,找來了醫師好友大村(入江昌樹),要大村為自己進行活體解剖…。接到大村的通知,響子看到了佑一留給自己的錄影帶,終於知道原來佑一一直深愛著自己和孩子,並且為了解開水靈的秘密而自願犧牲。然而,水靈的怨咒正不斷擴大,意想不到的巨大恐懼正等響子…。

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