Twilight Phantom


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Actor / Artist : Make Tamaru, Shugo Oshinari, Erika, Takehiro Murata, Miza Shimizu
Format : DVD
Barcode : 6864220480011
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Genre Type: Horror
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Disc Quantity : 1
Synopsis :
"Misaki visits her boyfriend, Koichi Matsumura in Okinawa, the southern island of Japan. Travelling along the mountain trail, a strange bag hanging down from the fig tree branch catches Misaki’s eyes. Upon inquiry, Jinsei and his son Jinta who is passing by explain that the bag actually holds the corpse of a cat. Although quite shocked by the local culture, Misaki forgets everything about the bag when she meets Koichi. To welcome the arrival of Misaki, Jinsei holds a welcoming party at his house. At the party, Misaki learns from the wise granny about the legend behind the bag hanging from the fig tree and the local demon: Kijimuna, which deeply fascinate Misaki. Knowing that Misaki is entranced by the legend of Kijimura, Jinsei introduces Misaki to a young female writer Kagemi Hiyajo to tell Misaki the darker side of the Kijimuna at Okinawa. As the local shaman and medium to the other world, Kagemi’s knowledge in local lore gives Misaki much more to wonder about. The quiet life in Okinawa takes a sharp turn with the arrival of Jinsei’s ex-wife: Sanae Matsuda. She had lost her mind when she lost her second son in her miscarriage. One day, when Misaki and Koichi visit Jinsei and meet up their friend, Sanae suddenly shows up. Without any warning, she charges at Jinsei with a scythe. The scene turns into a living hell when Koichi accidentally drives the scythe into Sanae in his attempt to stop her. The four stands dumbfounded in front of Sanae’s corpse. They decide to dispose the corpse in the lake to hide the crime. Although everything plays out unintentionally, the guilt of taking a life turns the peaceful life at Okinawa into a nightmare. One by one, the parties involved begin to see the spirit of Sanae with her cold hateful stare… "
"有南海乐园之称的冲绳岛,有着鲜为人知的另一面。在冲绳的地方方言中,「アコークロー」指的是从白天到黑夜瞬间的恶魔时刻。而冲绳传说中的红发妖怪「キジムナー」,名字叫作「アコークロー」。 为了与移往冲绳的恋人村松浩市开展新生活,铃木美关从东京来到了冲绳。浩市和他的朋友仁成及儿子仁太等人为美关召开了欢迎晚宴。晚宴中浩市朋友的祖母给美关讲述了冲绳红发妖怪「キジムナー」的故事,引起了美关极大的兴趣。为了更深入了解红发妖怪的故事,美关与浩市拜访由仁成介绍的女作家兼神灵师比屋定影美,从影美那里得知了红发妖怪恐怖的一面。 美关在南国宁静祥和的日常生活被突然出现的红发怪女人打乱了。原来这女人是仁成的前妻早苗,自从他们的第二个小孩子流产后,早苗开始精神不稳定。仁成非常憎恨早苗,不让她与仁太见面,更对她拳打脚踢。美关曾因疏忽而导致姐姐的孩子意外身亡,他非常了解早苗身心所受的创伤,与浩市前去劝阻仁成,却想不到这正是一连串恐怖事件的开始…。"

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