April Snow ()
外出 (四月雪)


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Actor / Artist : Bae Yong-jun , Son Ye-jin , Lim Sang-hyo, Ryu Seung-soo 裴勇俊,孙艺珍, 林相孝, 柳承洙
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4759220140015
Language : Korean
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Genre Type: Love Story
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Disc Quantity : 1
Synopsis :
" Meeting in an unfamiliar place In-soo (Bae Yong-jun) heads for Samcheok upon hearing the news of his wife Soo-jin's (Lim Sang-hyo) car accident. As his wife undergoes an operation in a hospital along with Kyung-ho (Ryu Seung-soo) who was also in the accident with her, there he meets Kyung-ho¡¯s wife Seo-young (Son Ye-jin). The trusted love crumbles While Soo-jin and Kyung-ho struggle to gain back their consciousness due to serious injuries, In-soo and Seo-young find out their respective spouses had an extramarital affair together. The trusted love changes into confusion, anger, and feelings of betrayal and heartache. In-su and Seo-young start their long-term stay at a local motel to be by their spouses' sides. As the two pass each other by often at the motel and the hospital and spend more time with each other, they realize that they share the same kind of sadness and pain. And before they know it, they fall uncontrollably in love and end up in the same situation as their spouses. "
"在陌生的地方我們相遇 對他們來說這是一次特別的外出,燈光師In-soo ( 裴勇俊飾演 ) 演唱會期間收到了自己妻子Soo-jin ( 林尚孝飾演 ) 遇到車禍的消息,他離開現場趕到江原道三陟市的醫院,在醫院的手術室外他遇到了Seo-young ( 孙艺珍飾演 ) , Seo-young為了丈夫Kyung-ho ( 柳承洙飾演 ) 車禍而來,原來Soo-jin與Kyung-ho在意外發生時在同一輛車上...。 曾經信任的愛情已經粉碎 在Soo-jin與Kyung-ho傷勢嚴重昏迷不醒時, In-soo與Soo-jin了解到他們的配偶已背叛了他們 ... 他們對這事實均感難過,愛忽然變成了混亂、愤怒和背叛。但即使他們責備著背叛的配偶,面對著昏迷中的配偶時仍難以展現仇恨。 我們相愛了,就如他們一樣 為了看顧各自的配偶,兩人在醫院附近一間旅館暫住。兩人在旅館及醫院不斷相遇,終暗生情愫,他們終於也感受到與自己配偶同樣情形下同樣的痛苦......。 I "

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