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Actor / Artist : Nicholas Teo , Amber Kuo, Roy Chiu, Wong Yat Fei , Hong Xiao Ling 張棟樑, 郭采潔,邱澤, 黃一飛, 洪小鈴
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4734131950014
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay / English
Genre Type: Love Story
Region :
Disc Quantity : 6
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"Since small, Shan Bao (Amber Guo Cai Jie) wish to has a sweet love before married. But, her first love dislikes she’s too strong and the barbecued pork scent from her body. From that day, Shan Bao tries her best to cover the barbecued pork scent and keep searching the loves one. Sadly, the guy she admires runaway once he found out she has incredible strength and barbecued pork scent. Due to this, Shan Bao feels uneasy and she wants “Guang Ji” to bankrupt so that she can free herself from barbecued pork. However, she was greeting as “Chest Ghost” after “Guang Ji Barbecued Pork Shop” was involved in a shooting. Since then, Shan Bao is facing another problem. Shan Bao’s first love rejected the Sao Bao lunch box she gave. So, she gave it to a boy who she saved. The boy, Sun Wu Di (Nicholas Teo) is the young master of Tenkorou. Few years later, both of them meet again but don’t recognize each others and they’re enemy. "
"珊宝(郭采洁)从小到大的心愿就是谈一场甜蜜的恋爱后嫁为人妻,但彷佛受了诅咒一般,小时候情窦初开却被初恋情人嫌弃“大力女怪兽”、“油腻的叉烧味”。从此珊宝以自己的力大无穷以及浑身叉烧味为耻,但珊宝不屈不挠,努力藏住叉烧味以及怪力,继续为爱向前冲,可是她心仪的对象却总是因为发现她惊人的神力以及满身的叉烧味而吓跑。 珊宝为此感到极为困扰,一生志愿就是让“广记”倒闭,从此远离叉烧,但却因为被拍了一部《恐怖烧腊店》的影片,被全世界取笑她是“平胸鬼”,从此珊宝的人生需要克服的困难又多了一项。 珊宝把被初恋情人嫌弃的三宝饭顺道给了一个小男孩,却无意间救了这个遭人绑架、饥肠辘辘的“天香楼”小开孙无敌(张栋梁)。多年后,两人见面已不相识,却成了一对欢喜冤家。 "

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