My Father


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Actor / Artist : Daniel Henney •, Kim Young-Cheol , Kim In-Won 丹尼爾•海尼, 金永哲, 金仁权
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4754220630016
Language : Korean
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Genre Type: Love Story
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Disc Quantity : 1
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"Son comes to Korea in search of birth parents James Parker (Daniel Henney) had been adopted into a loving American family at the age of 5 and grew up healthy and happy. However, he always had a sense of longing to find his birth parents. Now, James enlists as a soldier in the U.S. armed forces in Korea and returns in search for his real parents. With the help of his KATUSA (Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army) friend, Joseph Shin, James is able to find and visit the nursery in Choon-chun where he had briefly stayed before being adopted abroad. There, he learns that his Korean name was ‘Eun-chul Gohng’. He then decides to appear on a national TV program to find his birth parents. Father meets son as a criminal on death row Through the TV program, James is able to meet a priest who knows his real father. However, out of the family that he wanted to find so much, James learns that his father is the only one alive and a criminal on death row who had served time for over 10 years. Later, James and his father have an awkward first meeting. With the headline ‘Adopted son abroad meets father on death row’, James and his father receive much attention from the mass media. As they get to know each other more through each visit, feelings start to grow. But the meeting between a father who could be sentenced to death at any minute and a son who must return to the States after his term in the military can only be heartbreaking…"
為了見父親,我首次來到了韓國… 我的名字是James Parker(丹尼爾•海尼),韓國名字叫孔恩哲,5歲時被領養到美國。雖然過著富足的生活,但由於對親生父母的思念越來越深,我加入了支援駐韓美軍而回到韓國。22年來第一次見到了親生父親(金永哲)。 有句很想對你說的話,所以我學的第一句韓語是“我愛你” 。分離22年後再次見到的父親雖然是個死刑犯,但我卻無法去恨他。雖然我們語言上無法良好溝通,但是能夠相處在一起就已經是很幸福了。雖然還有些生疏,但總有一天,我想要鼓起勇氣對你說出那一句話…「我愛你」。然而我們在一起的幸福是短暫的,痛苦很快就要到來。不因為父親是死刑犯、不因為要離別,而是因為父親對我隱瞞的真相。但是無論你是誰,犯過甚麼罪行,請你記住我的話…。你永遠是我的父親。

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