Lost and Found


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Actor / Artist : Park Jin-hee , Jo Han-seon, Lee Ki-woo
朴真熙, 赵汉善, 李基宇
Format : DVD
Barcode : 4754221000016
Language : Korean
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay / English
Genre Type: Romance
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Disc Quantity : 1
Synopsis :
TV writer Ji-ho has been secretly in love with the same man for 10 years. After a night of binge-drinking, she wakes up to face the worst day of her life. She wakes up to find out she got fired for low viewer ratings. Her bag gets snatched on the way home and while pursuing the snatcher, she gets hit by a car. But the chain of unfortunate events turned out to be God-sent present. The man who hit her with the car turns out to be the very man she’s been in love with all these years. After bumping her head on the car, she pretends that she doesn’t remember anything and Min-woo is left with no choice but to bring her back home with him. Ji-ho’s childhood friend Dong-sik is worried as Ji-ho doesn’t come home for two days. He goes out on search and miraculously finds her and brings back her home. After learning that Ji-ho is suffering from amnesia after the accident, Dong-sik is determined to help her get her memories back.
  只要一喝酒就提初恋故事的编剧智浩(朴真熙饰),她的作品收视率已经跌到比爱国歌的收视率还低,不得不提前结束放映,最糟糕的是为此她也被电视台炒 掉, 被炒的那一天,她心情低落的回家路上遇上了车祸。而发生车祸的对方竟然就是十年前的初恋民宇(李基宇饰)。智浩认识到这是她千载难逢的好机会,于是装作失 忆开始了她的“演技”。慌忙中不知不觉成为智浩保护者的民宇,虽然半信半疑的看着智浩,但无奈之下只能把她带到家里企盼智浩恢复记忆。   想要恋爱的她,开始了不是自己的个人秀
  在民宇家的这段时间里为了能够成为民宇理想中的情人,智浩费尽心思讨好民宇。她装作很会料理,她装作很淑女,种种个人秀都只为了得到民宇的心。但看似 一切顺利的谎言却迎来了一个致命的挑战。已经失踪几天的智浩,引起了好朋友东植的注意,某一天在路上中东植正好撞见了智浩。听说智浩失忆的事情后东植开始 乱把智浩的记忆改编。但是为了抓住民宇的心,智浩已经顾不了那么多了,她只有继续装作理想中的情人形象。
  想要恋爱的她已经无法回头,一瞬间的谎言就像滚雪球一样越滚越大…… "

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